Don’t go your own way!

There’s about to be a plot twist. As we pick up Ruth, chapter three, Ruth has crept in and is laying by Boaz’s feet as he sleeps. He is startled around midnight, and, in the dark, awakens and says “Who are you?” (Ruth 3:9) Can you imagine the lump Ruth must have had in herContinue reading “Don’t go your own way!”

Yes, that’s make up

Throughout the Bible, we see women working “behind the scenes” to make things happen, and Naomi is no exception. Ruth and Boaz had spent time together during the weeks of the barley harvest. I can just imagine Naomi eagerly anticipating Ruth’s nightly report of their interactions listening for any hint of romance. Naomi knows BoazContinue reading “Yes, that’s make up”

When Your MOOD Swings!

Have you ever had a mood swing? Have your emotions ever flip-flopped? Mine sure have! And Naomi seems to be able to relate as well! After Ruth meets Boaz, she goes home and tells Naomi all that has happened (see Ruth 2). Naomi says, “Blessed be the name of the LORD, who has not forsakenContinue reading “When Your MOOD Swings!”

You Should Run To Him

I love the beautiful picture of this phrase, “under the shadow of your wings”. How many times my broken, fearful, confused, tired heart has clung to this picture of God. It is a picture of refuge, God holding us close, and this is how Boaz used it when he spoke to Ruth in his fieldContinue reading “You Should Run To Him”

Hot Fudge Sauce. And Sin.

Yes. Hot fudge sauce. But, we will get to that in a moment. Boaz has arrived on the scene (Ruth 2). Boaz was a godly man. While Naomi’s husband, Elimelech, had taken them back to the wilderness and left the Promised Land during the famine, Boaz had stayed. (Ruth 2) During the hard days, BoazContinue reading “Hot Fudge Sauce. And Sin.”

Everybody LOVES a LOVE story!

Love stories. I’m drawn to them. Popcorn. Blanket. My spot on the couch. I’m ready. And this is a good one! It’s a true one, and we are still feeling it’s impact today! Naomi and her young daughter-in-law, Ruth, both widows, have returned home to Bethlehem just in time for the barley harvest. But barleyContinue reading “Everybody LOVES a LOVE story!”

“Just Call Me Bitter“

One thing about the Bible, it is real. Things aren’t sugar-coated. Even those God used mightily are shown to have flaws. They aren’t always strong, joyful, or without sin. (see David in the Psalms, Jeremiah in Lamentations, Peter in the Gospels). And the book of Ruth, isn’t all sunshine and love story either. When Naomi,Continue reading ““Just Call Me Bitter“”

Ancient Words to Heed Today.

Naomi had lost so much in Moab (see yesterday’s introduction to the book of Ruth). She heard the Lord was blessing His children in the Promised Land again and decides to return home. She encourages her Moabite daughter-in-laws to return to their people in hopes they could find “rest” (likely remarry as they were bothContinue reading “Ancient Words to Heed Today.”

Let’s study THE BOOK OF RUTH

I’m so excited to study the book of Ruth with you!! I think the backstory to this book is so incredibly interesting. Let’s set the stage…God’s people had been delivered from Egypt into the Promised Land which would flow with milk and honey as long as the people followed God. But, the people would followContinue reading “Let’s study THE BOOK OF RUTH”