Hot Fudge Sauce. And Sin.

Yes. Hot fudge sauce. But, we will get to that in a moment.

Boaz has arrived on the scene (Ruth 2).

Boaz was a godly man. While Naomi’s husband, Elimelech, had taken them back to the wilderness and left the Promised Land during the famine, Boaz had stayed. (Ruth 2)

During the hard days, Boaz had obeyed God and stayed in the land God had brought the people to, and God had blessed him with great wealth.

And to be honest, sometimes, when hard days come, I am like Elimelech and feel a tug at my heart to go my own way, back to the wilderness of my sin. It’s as if, I somehow think, the hard days give me an excuse to sin.

Anybody else ever notice this temptation?

But the truth is, even in the hard days, maybe especially in the hard days, choosing sin just makes us more miserable.

Years ago, things were tough for our family business and my husband and I were arguing. We had felt like God had called us to our business, but it didn’t seem like things were going as I had hoped. And, on top of that, my husband had hurt my feelings. 🥲

So, instead of sitting down to pray, I hosted my own pity party and opened a jar of hot fudge sauce. I started to get the ice cream, but then, I decided, “nope, I will just eat hot fudge sauce—a big, BIG bowl of hot fudge sauce!“

I got so sick! I was almost ready to give up hot fudge sauce for the rest of my life! (However, I’m still thoroughly convinced, that in moderation, hot fudge sauce is a true blessing!)

But in all seriousness, when we face hard times, isn’t it so like the evil one to offer us counterfeit solutions that eventually make us miserable?

Watch for it!

Watch for it, especially when you are disappointed, angry, hurt, sad, worried etc.

The enemy will do all he can to get us to do “what seems right in our own eyes”, to walk away from God, and toward a wilderness of sin. He knows sin will take us further than we ever want to go!

But those who resist the temptation to walk away from God during hard times, confusing times, even times when everyone else is walking the wrong way, those who follow Christ, will be blessed!

Is it easy? Oh no. But it is true!

God is ALWAYS for us! He won’t lead us where He can’t bless us! “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.” (Rom 8:28)




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