Everybody LOVES a LOVE story!

Love stories. I’m drawn to them. Popcorn. Blanket. My spot on the couch. I’m ready.

And this is a good one! It’s a true one, and we are still feeling it’s impact today!

Naomi and her young daughter-in-law, Ruth, both widows, have returned home to Bethlehem just in time for the barley harvest.

But barley isn’t the only thing sprouting up! There is a love story about to blossom!

Naomi had left during a famine, but is home, and the fields are abundant with grain. God had commanded farmers to leave part of the harvest in the field to help take care of the poor and widows who would walk through the fields reaping what was left. (Lev 19)

I wonder, when God commanded this many years before, did He smile as He knew one day it would be part of this love story?

Let’s go on.

In hopes of gathering some grain for Naomi and herself, Ruth finds herself reaping in a field owned by Boaz, a relative of Naomi (this is important as we will see later).

Boaz is a godly man who, following God’s instruction, has ordered his servants to leave plenty of grain laying in his fields for the poor.

Cue the romantic music.

Boaz comes riding up from Bethlehem, (I imagine he is on a horse). He may not have actually been on a horse, but he does call out to those reaping in his fields, “The LORD bless you!” (Ruth 2:4)

Then, noticing Ruth, he says to his servant, “Whose young woman is this?” (Ruth 2:5)

(For her culture and her situation, Ruth surely knew finding a husband would be a blessing to her. But note – Ruth is just doing the godly things a godly guy would notice. She is not at the local bar, or on Tender, looking for love in all the wrong places. She is working hard to help care for her widowed mother-in-law.)

The servant explains who Ruth is and Boaz has heard of Ruth’s faithfulness and how she has clung to God for refuge. (Ruth 2:11-15)

Boaz may have initially noticed the pretty young woman in his field, but he was drawn even more to her faithfulness.

I remember my parents, when we were young, telling my brother and I that as we met potential mates, we would likely be initially attracted to their appearance , but they would become more or less attractive as we really got to know them.

I heard a pastor once say to a group of singles, “Stop trying so hard to find a spouse and just work on being the godly girl/guy a godly guy/girl is looking for. Serve where they would serve. Follow the Lord and look around and see who’s following beside you.”

That’s some wise advice right there!

For it is in following the Lord, that He blesses us. If we do what “feels right in our own eyes” and ignore His guidance (we sleep with that guy to get him to stay with us, or we date that beautiful girl, even though we know she’s not a believer), we are likely to heap more trouble on ourselves than we ever thought possible.

Oh single friend, follow Jesus! In all your ways, especially your desires for relationships, acknowledge God and He will make your path straight!

There is nothing better than being married to someone who loves Jesus first, because it’s those kind of someones who can love you best!

My husband and I just celebrated 23 years. Because he loves Jesus first, I am incredibly blessed.




2 thoughts on “Everybody LOVES a LOVE story!

  1. When I was a teen I was fearful of being an old maid. I thought I was to marry and have children. Apparently I was very wrong. Today, I am the old maid I wished not to be. But I did fill my life with children in other ways. I was caretaker of so many in my life.
    Prooves God’s plans are different from our plans. Praise Him!


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