Yes, that’s make up

Throughout the Bible, we see women working “behind the scenes” to make things happen, and Naomi is no exception.

Ruth and Boaz had spent time together during the weeks of the barley harvest. I can just imagine Naomi eagerly anticipating Ruth’s nightly report of their interactions listening for any hint of romance.

Naomi knows Boaz is her family’s “kinsman redeemer” and is responsible for marrying childless widows of his relatives in order to preserve the family line and care for them, but it seems Naomi felt Boaz needed a little help to speed things along when it came to Ruth. 🤗

And Ruth Chapter 3, for our cultural norms, can seem a little steamy, even inappropriate, (half of you just left to go read it right now!) as Naomi tells Ruth to look good, smell good, put on her best outfit, wait for Boaz to go to bed then lay by his feet. 😳

However, for their custom at the time, this was simply a picture of total submission. It was appropriate.

But let’s don’t miss that Naomi instructed Ruth to “wash yourself and anoint yourself, put on your best garment” (Ruth 3:3) because with that, I’m feeling convicted.

I’ve loved my husband a long time.

We fell in love fast. We married quick.

When I say I love my husband more today than I did when we first fell in love, it’s absolutely true.

But as I read these words, God has helped me realize (again) that I’ve NOT been doing all I can to intentionally love my husband, that I truly love so very much.

I’ve slacked off.

I’ve fallen into a dangerously comfortable trap; and I’m concerned the enemy might step in and wreak havoc if I don’t take note.

Now, please hear me, I am not suggesting there is ever an excuse for anyone to ever stray in marriage.

But I am thinking, we can do some things to actively protect our marriages and our homes.

And while it’s certainly true that we all want to be loved for who we are, it certainly doesn’t hurt to brush our hair, get out of the sweat pants occasionally, and smell good every now and then!

Goodness knows the enemy surrounds our guys, all day long, with women who do those things. And they aren’t all keeping their social distance if you know what I mean!

It’s certainly not politically correct to say, but the truth is, I may actually be doing battle with the enemy and defending my home when I give a little attention to my appearance.

But it’s not just how I look and smell that matters.

My husband deserves more of me than my “left-overs” after I work so hard to take care of everyone else.

It’s actually true that the more I actively love my husband , the more I’m protecting my kids from the effects a broken home could bring.

And, what if, instead of so quickly calling out the negative in my husband, I spent time looking for and calling out the good like I did when we first met?

How long has it been since I gushed over some of his good traits instead of criticizing him for the things I don’t like? Wouldn’t things go better if I did?

And how much time do I really spend praying for and serving my husband as opposed to all I do to pray for and serve others?

And just like every other time God shows me something about me (oh Lord, please give me eyes to see and ears to hear) , I want to pay attention and trust He is showing me it for my good and the good of those I love.

I want to heed this warning and intentionally honor and love my husband and respect him with my words and actions because that’s what I’m called to do.

It’s part of following God.

It’s a way I can help protect my marriage and my family.

And that is really no small thing!

…I’m gonna go brush my teeth now 😉

The Word is so good!



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