In the dark of night, after Boaz had fallen asleep, Ruth has gone in, uncovered his feet, and lays beside them.

This “uncovering” is a sign to him that she wants him to be her kinsman redeemer, covering her with his love and protection.

Boaz has been drawn to Ruth and longs to do this for her, but being the righteous man he is, tells her there is another closer relative who has first rights to this.

The next day Boaz went up to the gate and sat down (Ruth 4). This is a pivotal day for him. He is determined to follow the Lord. No matter what. He is careful. He is wise.

He waits for the other man, the closer relative, the one whom by God’s law has the right to be Ruth’s kinsman redeemer, acquiring her deceased husband’s property and making her his wife.

The fellow walks by and Boaz invites him to sit down along with ten elders of the city. With witnesses in place, Boaz explains the situation and offers to the unnamed closer relative the opportunity to redeem the land of Elimelech (the deceased husband of Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law).

And the other guy, the closer relative says, “I will redeem it.” (Ruth 4:4)

But then, Boaz explains it’s a package deal. This means Ruth would be his wife and that their children would have a right to the inheritance (perhaps dividing with his current children). The other man worries this will ruin his inheritance and says, “I cannot redeem it” (Ruth 4:6)

And with that, surely Boaz fought to hide a slight smile, for the godly man who has been so very obedient will marry the godly woman who has also been obedient!

And their love story is famous to this day!

It’s famous for what it represents and for just Who came from their family line!

For they had a son named Obed, who had a son named Jesse, who had a son named David, (King David), and you know WHO else was born from that family tree?

Jesus! The Savior! Our Kinsman Redeemer!

He is our true Kinsman-Redeemer, who buys us back from our bondage to evil with His own blood, redeems our lives from death, and ultimately returns to us everything we lost because of our sin to be forever in eternity with Him! We who come to Him for redemption are His Bride!!

And isn’t it so praiseworthy that God used a girl, from a foreign land, from a people, who had been an enemy of His people, to be a vital part of it all?!

Do you think He wants us to know how VERY MUCH He loves us, and even those who have been so far away, who feel like outcasts, who feel unworthy, whose hearts have been broken, and hopes have been dashed, are exactly THOSE He longs to redeem into His family?

Oh friend, don’t miss God’s love story for you! He loves you so very much! He stands with open arms!

This love story is BIGGER than Boaz and Ruth, this love story is for all of us to know the One who would cover us under the shelter of His wing IF ONLY we would run to Him to be our KINSMEN REDEEMER!



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