Is God shaking us?

There’s part of me that wants the vote to go the way of conservatives, and values, and religious freedom. But there’s also a part of me (admittedly kind of shaking in her boots), that wants the Lord to do whatever it takes to help us love Him first. And maybe that includes shaking us toContinue reading “Is God shaking us?”

Purpose in Your Heart

Good-looking. Young. Smart. Worldly, evil, Nebuchadnezzar set his sights on these. He endeavored to teach them the ways of his world so they might serve him well. For three years, they would be given the best of the best of the king’s delicacies and wine. But Daniel. He purposed in his heart not to defileContinue reading “Purpose in Your Heart”

Do you know what it is?

Most of you who follow this page aren’t caught up in carousing and drunkenness (see Luke 21:24,NKJV) but there’s this other thing… This other, sneaky thing. Did you read the verse referenced above? Did you see it? The evil one seems to use IT so effectively against us, and it’s effects are often just asContinue reading “Do you know what it is?”

Are these the End of Days?

The disciples wanted to know when the End of Days would come. (Luke 21:7) I want to know, too. In Luke 21, Jesus gives what is commonly called the Olivet Discourse (Jesus was at the Mount of Olives when He said these things. Matthew 24 also records, in greater detail, the Olivet Discourse, and isContinue reading “Are these the End of Days?”

They thought they had trapped Him

Because they had resisted the rule of God in their lives, God’s chosen people found themselves given over to Roman rule and were required to pay taxes to Caesar. Thinking themselves wise, in yet another attempt to trap Jesus, the Jewish scribes asked Him, saying, “Teacher, we know that you speak and teach rightly, andContinue reading “They thought they had trapped Him”

Oh friend, hold on in these hard days!

Almost since time began, people have been rejecting the ways of God. They have listened to lies of the evil one and gone their own way. They killed the prophets God sent to warn them of trouble and judgment. Shortly before His death, Jesus tells the parable of the vineyard owner who sent his servantsContinue reading “Oh friend, hold on in these hard days!”

Worried about these times we are living?

Years ago, the world looked scary to me. Maybe not as scary as it seems right now; but, still, I was worried. My kids were little, and I worried about them growing up in this hard world. I asked my friend, and mentor, Karen, what I should do. Though she’s gone home to be withContinue reading “Worried about these times we are living?”

Hang on and remember this!

I’ve never seen anything quite like our world right now. It’s easy to feel discouraged, isn’t it? I don’t know if these hard days will get harder…but they could. For Christians, as we approach the End of Days, things will get harder. God’s Word tells us, “The love of many will grow cold”. Matthew 24Continue reading “Hang on and remember this!”

Is Jesus Coming Soon?

Lately, I’ve found myself wondering if Jesus is coming back soon. Have you? Here are some things we know about the Second Coming of Christ— People will be going about their normal day-to-day stuff… getting married, partying, buying and selling, building, and planting gardens. (Luke 17:26-30) Many will reject Jesus. Wickedness will also be acceptedContinue reading “Is Jesus Coming Soon?”