Nothing to FEAR

Take a slow read of these words the Apostle Paul penned so very long ago. May we take them to heart in this day. May we not live in fear, but be warned and so very careful about who we allow to speak into our lives – “If anyoneteaches otherwiseand does not consentto wholesome words,evenContinue reading “Nothing to FEAR”

Ever had trouble with another person?

Having trouble with a fellow believer? No… surely not! The thing is, it’s pretty common. But the truth is, we are called to serve others and respect them. Always. When Paul wrote his letter to Timothy, Christians owned other Christians (can you imagine?) Yet Paul encouraged them, that if they were a slave to aContinue reading “Ever had trouble with another person?”

We don’t usually mention this.

It’s not typically mentioned when we talk about the gospel. If we trust the Living God, we will labor and suffer reproach. (1 Tim 4:10) I don’t like reading those words, much less living them. But the truth is, the call to follow Christ is a call to die. (Matt 16:24-26) It is not aContinue reading “We don’t usually mention this.”

Have you ever wanted to skip past hard parts of Scripture?

Well, let’s just skip over this next section of Scripture about men and women in the church (1 Tim 2:8-15) . It’s kind of hard and controversial. Except, we can’t do that. We can’t pick the parts of the Bible we like, and understand, and ignore the others. In this section, Paul is teaching soundContinue reading “Have you ever wanted to skip past hard parts of Scripture?”

One way… everything else is FAKE NEWS!

Paul continues on in teaching sound doctrine and gives us the bedrock statement of our faith, “For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus, who gave Himself a ransom for all,” (1 Tim 2:5-6) One God.One Mediator.Jesus.No other way. If we say we follow Christ, it alsoContinue reading “One way… everything else is FAKE NEWS!”

This is WHO you need to pray for today

We usually pray in the mornings, but it was a particularly busy morning. I asked my husband if he still wanted to pray and he smiled, and replied, “I’d be a fool not to”. I smiled too, and not just because my man’s so cute! But because I had just read Paul’s words to Timothy—Continue reading “This is WHO you need to pray for today”

When you are in the battle…

Paul is about to challenge Timothy to “wage the good warfare”. (I Tim 1:18) Let’s just stop here, and notice that Paul characterizes service to the Lord as waging warfare. The life of a true Christ follower is not one of ease in this life. We are in a battle and lately, that seems allContinue reading “When you are in the battle…”

Have you noticed this?

Right after Paul talks about the responsibility Christians have to speak truth from sound doctrine, he talks about his sin-filled past. (1 Tim 1:3-17) I think it was very intentional. Paul surely knew that as soon as we endeavor to share truth with others about the right way to live, the enemy will remind usContinue reading “Have you noticed this?”

Let’s don’t “love” others all the way to Hell.

Right off the bat, Paul’s first letter to Timothy reminds us that the Lord Jesus Christ is our HOPE! (1 Tim 1:1) And He is, you know. And the more we know Him through His Word, the more we will experience hope in our hardest of our moments. So let’s don’t approach 1st Timothy, toContinue reading “Let’s don’t “love” others all the way to Hell.”

Let’s do this!

Guard this.Hold tight to this.Do this. And especially now when others are falling away from the faith. I’ve seen it and it’s disheartening—those I’ve counted as good teachers of the Word, those I’ve thought to be mature believers, turning away from truth, and walking in the ways of the world. The Apostle Paul saw itContinue reading “Let’s do this!”