Silence. That day after the Savior had died. The pounding of the nails, the jeers of the crowd, His cries of pain. Now Silent. His body in the tomb. What now? They surely longed to hear His comforting voice. But Silence. They had left jobs, families, everything to follow Him. Now what? Silence. Nothing.But.Silence. Confused,Continue reading “SILENCE”

Some days the love of Christ seems so far away.

Some days it feels like the love of Christ is a thing to be experienced later, a Heaven thing, a later on, a not-soon-enough, far away thing. I catch myself longing for what, in truth, I already have and have all the time as a Christian. I already have the love of Christ. I possessContinue reading “Some days the love of Christ seems so far away.”

One of the most shared things I’ve ever written—

This remains one of the most shared things I’ve ever written. It’s hard truth, but there is HOPE! —- They are some of the most miserable people I know–young adults who haven’t really picked a side. They try to live in two worlds—the one they rule and the one where Jesus makes the rules. TheyContinue reading “One of the most shared things I’ve ever written—”

When we fall apart. He is still there.

As I continue to think about the Lord and His interactions with others, these weeks before Easter,I’m reminded of these two wonderful, but contrasting, examples. Jesus has just finished teaching the famous parables about the blind leading the blind, and building our houses on the rock (Luke 6), and then walks into Capernaum. He isContinue reading “When we fall apart. He is still there.”

When Life Sucks You Dry

There are THOSE moments when the stuff of this life simply sucks you dry. And you are a Christian. There are days where the problems scream, and everything in you has to fight to remember truth. There are days the battle seems great and the blessings feel, well, small. Real small. And stress, and worry,Continue reading “When Life Sucks You Dry”

Hold on!

As I pick up my Bible again to I Timothy, here’s Timothy, he’s Paul’s prodigy. He’s wise beyond his years and well studied in the Scriptures. He is trusted with evangelizing and teaching in the early churches in Corinth and Thessalonica. Yet, Paul feels the need to warn Timothy with strong words, “I charge youContinue reading “Hold on!”

When God seems silent

The things which are impossible with men are possible with God”. (Luke 18:27) No seriously, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” (Luke 18:27) This hard year, I see so much that seems impossible. Will this pandemic ever end? Will our country ever come together in unity? Will we stop fightingContinue reading “When God seems silent”

Sometimes it seems Satan is winning…

Sometimes, it seems Satan is winning. We’d be dishonest if we didn’t admit, that when we see his “victories”, we can get down. But hold on! Our God is greater and He is perfect in taking what the enemy intends for evil and bringing good from it. I’m reminded of this this morning. In hisContinue reading “Sometimes it seems Satan is winning…”

Have you ever been falsely accused?

Have you ever been falsely accused? It stings. Honestly, it’s one of the most frustrating things I’ve encountered. The Apostle Paul knew what this felt like. He had been accused of impure motives regarding the the young Thessalonian church; but, in truth, those people were dear to him and he wanted them to know it.Continue reading “Have you ever been falsely accused?”

The hero arrives on the scene

We all love the moment the hero arrives on the scene. And this is the true story of one such moment. Daniel’s three friends have refused to worship the king’s false god and this enraged him. He has a fiery furnace heated seven times hotter than normal. The three friends are bound and thrown intoContinue reading “The hero arrives on the scene”

Things may look hard-but hold on…..

We are about to come to some of my most cherished words of Scripture. These words are both inspiring and incredibly challenging. Honestly, they are flat-out hard. Nebuchadnezzar has gone from praising the God of Daniel to building a giant golden image and demanding everyone fall to the ground and worship it when they hearContinue reading “Things may look hard-but hold on…..”

I want to be on the other side

I want to be on the other side. You know the other side of the current problem impacting my life. I want to feel the rejoicing that comes AFTER the pain and worry have subsided. I know what that is like. I’ve seen God be faithful before. But right now.I’m in the “not yet”. I’mContinue reading “I want to be on the other side”

Have you noticed it too?

I wonder if you have noticed it too? Not once, but over and over… I see people whose faith has grown as their earthly securities have been removed. They lose jobs, finances, relationships, even face death of loved ones and they still grow closer to God. It’s astounding to watch. It’s amazing. It’s also unnerving.Continue reading “Have you noticed it too?”