Christians should be the kindest people unbelievers know.

Jesus continues in his famous Sermon on the Mount to push us to a faith that is heart-deep and true and consistently lived out in our lives.

Christians are not to look like this world. We are to live in a way that is eternally focused and notably different from the lost among us.

In Matt 5:43-48 Jesus draws the contrast to Christian’s and the world when He points out , if you only love those who love you, you are no different than the lost world.

We are to love people. Period. This does not mean we agree with their sin but we are to treat them with kindness and respect.

Sometimes, this just means we are to be kind to those we daily encounter in casual relationships who are clearly living lifestyles of sin.

I should want the gay man who works at my favorite coffee shop and the trans girl at the restaurant to see the kindness of Jesus in me.

The bottom line is that Christians should want to be the kindest person unbelievers know. There is no excuse to be anything different.

But, (and this is very important) we should always strive to go beyond a casual, passing relationship with the lost and look for opportunities to talk with them about our Savior. Otherwise we are just being sweet to them on their way to death and Hell, instead of telling them there is another way that leads to life and peace.

And one more thing— I’ve heard story after story of doors opening to eternal conversations because a lost person observed a saved person not just loving those who love them, but loving those who do not.

Oh friend, let’s don’t just love those who love us! But let’s love our enemies, let’s bless those who curse us, do good to those who hate us, pray for those who spitefully use and persecute us, for this is what children of God are to do! (Matt 5:44).


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