How hard it is to be a believer today (especially a young one)

A few years ago I posted about my concern over the Super Bowl half time show and that post was shared a lot.

Because the post was shared so much, people who wouldn’t typically see my page read what I had written.

Most comments were supportive, but others were quite irate.

I was called several names, accused of being “shamefully sexually dysfunctional“ (not sure what that even means), accused of not “giving my husband any” and told he must be gay if he got up (which he did) and didn’t watch the performance.

One commenter said only women who are fat and old would agree with me. Some comments were profanity-filled, and I had to remove them.

It was eye opening to the emptiness and anger around us.

And it made me think about how very hard, it has to be, to be a young Christian today.

Can you imagine the ridicule they get for standing up for biblical values in our anything-goes world?

Surely, they especially feel outnumbered and often alone.

For the sinful things our generation has mostly accepted …their generation now celebrates and denigrates anyone who has a different view.

The thing is, you can identify as anything you want in our morally-relative world—except being a Christian!

You better keep that identity to yourself!

Oh friends, it’s hard on us but it’s got to be ten times harder on this next generation.

How they need a deep faith in order to stand in this world!

How we need to help them know why we believe the things we believe about God.

We need to go to the Word with them—not just give them “pat” answers.

We need to discuss the hard things with them.

And how they need to see us trusting God more than the changing winds of culture and even more than we trust ourselves.

Let’s do all we can to be filled with truth so we can help equip those around us.

Let’s pray like crazy for them. Let’s love and support them and offer them grace.

But let’s also remember that the God who put them on the planet right now, in this hard world we live in, will equip them for what He has called them to do.

Let’s run to Him for help to help them.

May they stand on the Rock! May we give them a hand up—loving and supporting them well.

On the hard days, may the Lord remind them He has them. May they know how very much He loves them. May they know God has them no matter what comes their way.

May we all be a light walking in the darkness and may God also help us love those who so clearly and desperately need Him.

“But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. (Luke 6:27-28)

(PS I’ve been sharing some posts and thoughts from before. I’m working on my devotional book and thinking I’ll head to Matthew next for study. Hope you’ll pray for me and join me!)

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