I sat glued watching the Hurricane, and this struck me—

I sat glued to the coverage of the hurricane coming onshore in Florida.

Wind whipped. Trees snapped. Rain pummeled. Transformers exploded.

The storms pulled back the ocean like a curtain eerily revealing the coast normally covered by water.

Newscasters warned walls of waters would soon be pushed back, bringing historic flooding.

So many will suffer in the uncontrollable storm.

And I’m reminded, once again, just how little any of us can control.

No matter how many promises politicians make, no matter how hard doctors try, there is so very little any of us can control.

Our next heartbeat.
Our next breath.
Certainly not.
Our kids choices.
…Not even that.

But the thing is, we were made to rest, and even delight, in something we certainly can’t control—God.

We were made to know God.

To live is not control,
to live is Christ.

As A.W. Tozer says, “As God is exalted to His right place in our lives, a thousand problems are solved all at once.”

As we surrender our lives to Him, everything else is shifted.

The things of this life fall into perspective and our hearts take the long view—the eternity view.

Things that used to cause us fear and worry, lose their power over us as our eyes look to His power, His goodness and His control.

We can stand fast, even when suffering, because His peace far exceeds the temporary peace of this world. (John 14:27)

Yes, storms may come, trouble may abound, things are out of our control.

We can’t make everything turn out okay, it’s not up to us!

But we can keep trusting Jesus, we can keep looking to His power, His truth, His goodness and THAT changes everything. THAT calms the storms in us!




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