Don’t let what someone did to you be more than what Jesus did FOR you.

Don’t let what someone did to you be more than what Jesus did for you.

We will all be sinned against. None of us will escape this life unscathed.

Some will be horrifically wounded by no fault of their own. I do not like it or understand it.

However, I do know there are demonic forces at work among us and have been since the fall of men. The Bible tells us this, and if you’ve lived very long, you’ve seen the effects of the war being waged against hearts and souls.

The father of all lies has come to rob, kill and destroy you and those you love. (John 10:10)

But this I also know—I have seen genuine peace, hope and joy in those who decide what Jesus did FOR them matters MORE than what others have done TO them.

I have watched people who have been horrifically hurt choose to walk in freedom-giving truth and resist allowing the sin against them to become sin in them.

Does the enemy try to use those old wounds? Yes. Repeatedly, and often when they’ve least expected it.

Is it hard?

But because they’ve held tight to Jesus, chains really have been broken and real joy has been lived.

And the God who has done this for them can do this for you too. His plans are to give you life to the full (see the end of John 10:10).

The same God who told us the truth about this world, and pain, and our enemy also told us there is nothing too hard for Him. (Luke 1:37).

He is a redeemer, a healer and a hope-giver. His arms are wide open. His love is unending and His promises are trustworthy and true.

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