I’m convinced of this…

We all want rest for our souls. But many are spinning, struggling, down and depressed.

Jesus said, “Come to me when you labor and are heavy laden”(Matt 11:28)

Not IF.

And the thing is, it is possible to labor and not be heavy laden IF our labor is for the Lord.

For when I know AND live my purpose, to love God, love others and make disciples, …when I take Christ’s yoke, THAT yoke upon me, it is there that I find real rest for my soul. (Matt 22:36-40,Matt 11:27-30)

His yoke is easy.
His burden is light.

BUT everything we try to do outside of that purpose, without that purpose being first and foremost, will only ever be burdensome and unfulfilling.

We tell our kids they need Christ but we often fail to go on to tell them about their purpose and that it is in living that purpose that they will find peace.

And I’m convinced this is why we see so many addicted, depressed, and looking for love and identity in all the wrong places.

So many lose hope because, they may say they believe in Jesus, but then go back to putting their hope in worldly things and looking for satisfaction in disordered and wrong priorities.

So many want the peace of God but try to live outside His will and His purpose.
They want joy but look for it where it will never be found.

And they forever come up empty.

But when we seek first Christ’s Kingdom, when we decide to die to self and live for Christ, we will find all we need (Matt 6:33) and we will find rest for our souls.

We truly do!

Oh friends, let’s live this. Lets find rest in this. Let’s teach our kids and grandkids about this. Let’s help them know the Lord and find REST in living the purpose He has for them.


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