I sang loudly and it was glorious!

I’m not sure how it happened. For as far as I could see the beach was empty except for a tiny dot of a few people walking far ahead of me.

I happily turned up my praise music as the wind blew and the waves rushed against my toes. Birds ran along the sand, and I breathed in the salty air. Heavenly.

Slowly, looking around to make sure I was, indeed, alone, I raised my hand at the gift of it all and I quietly began to sing.

No one could hear me except my Savior. And so louder, and louder, I lifted my voice.

Singing is not my gift, and all my children would say “amen”, but in that moment, it didn’t matter. For I had been gifted a moment to sing loudly to my Savior! Just my Savior.

I hesitated to write about this sweetest of moment, except for what it meant to my soul, and what I know praising the Lord can do for all of God’s children.

For you.
In this day.

What a gift to praise our Father in His beautiful creation. But, what a joy to do so WHEREVER and WHENEVER our hearts are turned to Him.

And this is what I know, though I’ll likely forever cherish those songs alone on that beach, I know God has also drawn my heart to praise Him (silently) in crowded grocery stores, at home cleaning toilets, and in the midst of scary moments and uncertain days.

It’s what our hearts and lives were made to do. We don’t have to walk alone on a beach to know this. We only have to begin to deliberately count our blessings to cause our hearts to sing.

Though I am thankful to have had this moment to walk alone on the sand and sing to my King, I know, as we turn our eyes to Jesus and call out His praise, we will find our spirits begin to soar even in the most mundane of days.

And, one more thing I’ve come to know, gratitude is not only an emotion or an offering of praise, it is a weapon for the hard days, and the battle days.

It keeps us going. It reminds us of truth, and I believe it causes the demons to flee!

So no matter where we find ourselves today, toes in the sand, or trudging along in the difficult, may we praise the One who deserves all praise, who will never leave us or forsake us, and who fights our battles!

Oh praise His Name! It’s a blessing and a weapon!


3 thoughts on “I sang loudly and it was glorious!

  1. Nothing makes my soul happier than to praise him by singly loudly in the car, doing yard work, walking in the evening !! One of my past students ran up to me in the park while I had my air pods in singing loudly and I asked her how did u know it was me, she said I recognized your voice so I know God recognizes my voice and loves my praise!!!!


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