Enoch and Elijah won’t be the only two!

This is such a crazy, encouraging portion of Scripture….

So, Cain kills Abel then he marries and has children. Adam and Eve have other children. The earth population grows.

And the Bible details both the good and the bad—Lamech takes two wives and boasts of murder. (See Gen 4)

But then there is Enoch. Genesis 5 details the genealogy of Adam and we are told of Enoch (Methuselah’s dad) “who walked with God.”

Oh, that fellowship must have been so very sweet, because we are told Enoch “was not, for God took him”. (Gen 5:24)

Both Enoch, and later Elijah, we’re just taken, they did not die a physical death but were supernaturally taken to be with God.

Can you imagine?

We know from reading the Word, that God desires daily, walking-with-Him, REAL relationship with us, too.

He rewards those who seek Him with His incredible presence, and He is preparing a place for His children to be with Him for eternity.

And for Enoch and Elijah, He spared them the physical death to get there.

But they won’t be the only two!
You know that, right?

One day, Jesus will come back for His Bride! In the blink of an eye,those who are His followers and are on this earth at His return, will be gathered up with Him! (See Luke 17, Matt 24)

Can you imagine that?!

Who knows when that will be?! It could be in our lifetime. It could be before that loved one with cancer, dies, it could be before death comes for so many….

But it will ONLY be for those who call Jesus Lord and have been set free from the curse of sin and death.

So, yes! Those who know the Lord may never face a physical death! I’d love to think we’d never have to watch another loved one die, wouldn’t you?

I would also prefer to not have the occasional thought about dying myself.

But what’s worse, is that those who don’t know Jesus as Savior will face much worse than a physical death.

God is clear about this as well.

Oh friend, let’s study the Word. Let’s make sure we understand the foundational truths of the faith. Let’s hope in the Savior and let’s not neglect to share the hope of the Cross!

And let’s remember just WHO it is who walks with us, listen to this song, and be encouraged! https://music.apple.com/us/album/remember/1479127986?i=1479127993



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