Fearful? Not fearful? What’s the difference?

It has to be strange, curious, and honestly, a little absurd, for those who do not fear the Lord, to watch those who do, deal with hard things.

What those, who do not fear the Lord, or perhaps have only dabbled in a secular religion, do not understand, is that to fear God, more than anything else, conquers all other fears.

It is not that we aren’t intelligent, as those who look on like to often say, or careful, or unaware of what is happening around us, but we aren’t consumed and paralyzed by fear like those who look only to this world for their hope.

In our flesh, we are just as capable of worry, dread and fear; but when we remember what we know of the Lord, we aren’t devastated by the circumstances we find ourselves in, INSTEAD we are free and yes, even at peace!

Glorious peace!

Because of Jesus, the likes of the Apostle Paul, Eric Bonhoeffer, Corie Ten Boom, and Jim Elliot walked in peace that made no earthly sense. They all understood, what Jim Elliot put into words in his journal, “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”.

Yes, those who fear the Lord, those made righteous by the blood of the Lamb, the Psalmist tells us, “will never be moved; he will be remembered forever. He is not afraid of bad news; his heart is firm, trusting in the LORD.” (Psalm 112:6-7)

And this eternal perspective, reminds us, this life is not all there is! We know who holds all of our days, who has alone determined every breath we will ever take, and has, alone, appointed the day we will take our last (Acts 17:25-26).

We are forever changed, because the Perfect One has stepped into our darkness.

We have seen a great light that eclipses every fear we ever face.

Oh friend, it doesn’t matter if you were sprinkled as a child, or walked an aisle when you were nine, or how much your grandma has prayed for you, unless you fear the Lord and live life from that perspective , you will be subject to fearing every other thing in this world.

You will be miserably tossed to and fro by changing circumstances and seasons.

You will live and die by the fickle opinions and actions of others, whose lives, like yours, are but a breath.

But God.

He was, and is, and always has been.
No flesh can stand nor glory in His Holy Presence. No man can contend with His perfect ways.

He is Mighty and Holy and always right.

His ways are steady and secure.
He does not change.

His commandments are perfect and trustworthy. His Word is right, and your opinion, and the opinion of this culture, does not change that.

Whether you know it or not, your very breath is held in His Hands and creation obeys His still small voice.

His Kingdom is powerfully advancing.
He, who commands the angel armies, will order the trumpets to blow and heaven and earth will soon pass away.

The Alpha and Omega will make all things new. The Perfect Lamb, the prophesied One, who stepped into our darkness.
God’s Only Son.

He is coming again.

No mind can conceive the depths of His love.
The magnitude of His rescue.
The grace of His gift!
Eternal Life was bought with the greatest of price.

And those who surrender their lives to Him as Savior, who fear and trust and obey, He, Who is called Faithful and True, their names are written in the Lambs Book of Life.

But only their names. And that should be sobering to those who do not fear the Lord.

But One glorious day, He, Who alone is to be feared, whose voice is like thunder, will gently wipe every tear from the eyes of those who fear Him, and death, and pain, and mourning will be no more.

For the One who came as a babe, the One born to a virgin will certainly return as the Conquering King. He will come for His Bride.

Do you know Him? Do you fear Him?

He, alone, is worthy to be praised!
Peace that makes no earthly sense is found in Him alone.



If you want to know more about this God you can trust more than you trust yourself, I’ll be back studying Matthew tomorrow on this page. Join us.


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