Do you hear His words?

I wonder about that morning after the Triumphant entry, after Jesus had rode in on the donkey, after the crowd had cheered and waved palm branches…I wonder, did He look around at His disciples?

I wonder, as the disciples still celebrated the over breakfast, did he wonder if they remembered what He had told them just a few days before?

Of course, He’s God. And He knows everything, but was He sad that they still didn’t understand?

Were they so caught up in the celebration, in the moment, that they had forgotten His words?

The ,”Let these words sink down into your ears.” words.

Jesus had said to His disciples, “Let these words sink down into your ears, for the Son of Man is about to be betrayed into the hands of men.” (Luke 9:43-44)

Surely, He wanted them to understand what was about to happen would change the world for eternity.

Spiritual forces would soon clash in the heavenlies.

Evil would muster all its strength.

He, The Only Son of The Most High God, was the only hope.

He was their hope.
But not in the way they were thinking.
Not as a King conquering their temporary problems.

Oh no.
He had come to defeat death.
Their death.
Our death.

And He would walk into the battle alone, without His closest friends truly understanding the magnitude of what He had come to do… what He had been born to do.

The Son of Man.
The Messiah.
All alone.

God, the Father, would turn His head.

Those very friends, he hoped would understand, would betray and deny Him.

The crowds, who waved palm branches to celebrate His entry into their city, would quickly join in cries of “crucify Him”.

Those, He came to save, would spit on Him, beat Him, and mock Him.

The sinless Lamb.
The humble servant,

He had tried to tell His disciples, “for the Son of Man is about to be betrayed into the hands of men” (Luke 9:44)

But they did not understand. (Luke 9:45).

But the Savior understood.

He knew all that would happen. He knew before He ever left a throne in Heaven to rescue us.

As His disciple talked of those palm branches, did He think back to when He had tried to tell them? Their eyes had been so very much on this world that they ridiculously argued about who would be the greatest in the kingdom. (Luke 9:46) while, God, in flesh, was standing in their very presence.

And I wonder, as our world is consumed by trouble, as so many of us look to ourselves and our own needs, can we hear the words of the Savior pleading with us to let His words “sink down into our ears”?

He is still pleading you know for us to understand what He did on that Cross.

Oh friend, what happened those thousands of years ago, as the Savior made His way to the Cross, is no less relevant today.

The war against our souls was won!

It is won for all who will understand and call on His Name!

Forever won.
Eternally won!

The Son of God defeated death so dead men could live. He reigns victorious.


He defeated sickness, sin and death! Forever!

It is finished!

Truly, forever, finished.

For those in Christ, every problem , pain and peril we face, in this life, is only ever, temporary.


Let the Words of the Savior sink down into YOUR ears.

Listen, for His voice!
This world is not our hope!
It never was nor could it ever be!

God is still speaking to His children—words of hope and help.

In this day.
For your life.

Jesus. Only Jesus.

Let’s listen for His words. Let’s walk forward in His Hope.

May His words sink down into our ears and may His praise be forever on our lips!



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