Why keep talking about what is so scorned by this world?

It seems some have become upset by the biblically based truth I’ve posted on this page.

For years, I’ve merely studied the Bible and written what I’ve learned. I’ve received threatening private messages, unkind comments, page restrictions, and more.

Many have especially not liked what I have written on marriage, abortion, homosexuality etc.

It’s not a shock to most that God calls some things sin in the Bible, including homosexuality, and calls us to turn away from those things to repentance.

But in fact, “The call to repentance isn’t just offensive to gay people. It’s offensive to us all.” (JD Greear)

Greear goes on to say, “Once you have accepted that you must “deny yourself” and “take up a cross” to follow him, what goes on the cross becomes less significant. Whether you have to crucify the desire for pornography, fame, or your unwillingness to be a missionary, following Jesus means a total surrender to all that Jesus has said or might lead you to. It requires a total death to self-will.”

And let’s face it, “a total death to self-will” doesn’t sound appealing, it’s quite offensive on the surface to ALL of us, except it’s the only place real peace is found.

I know this. I tried to live my way instead of God’s way, and I came up empty and miserable for a long time.

That’s why I write the things I do, and it’s why others share these things.

It’s not that we are pushing for some moral behavior, it’s because we were dead and now we really live. We were sick in our sin and found HOPE!

Yes, we all know what sin is like. It’s fun and satisfying for awhile, until it just isn’t.

Oh, like a drug, we try all sorts of things and lifestyles, some even switch genders, looking for the thing that will make us happy; but eventually (if we are honest) we realize nothing in this world can truly satisfy.

And if, when we come to the end of all our attempts to find joy, or just give up thinking we can numb our pain with another drug, another worldly accomplishment, or another human relationship…if then, we turn our eyes to Jesus, we find there is peace and hope and joy that cannot be taken away.

I found this and so have many others, who call themselves Christians, and who this world increasingly maligns. The Bible tells us this will just get worse as we approach the end of days. Christ followers will face more and more criticism and persecution.

So, why on earth would we keep talking about a Bible and a Savior that is so politically incorrect and worldly scorned?

Why? Because, like those disciples who came before us, and would not deny Christ even when facing death, we who’ve been saved by the blood of the Lamb “can’t help speaking about what we’ve seen and heard”! (Acts 4:20)

Jesus is LIVING WATER that truly satisfies!
He is REST for our souls!
He is HOPE for our hearts.

But, as JD Greear (and the Bible) says, all of this comes when daily we deny ourselves, take up our crosses, and follow Jesus.

None of us, with any sin struggle, thinks it’s easy! We get that.

But, the freedom and joy we find when we surrender our way and our sin to God’s better way is so much better than the sin ever was! (who cares WHAT that sin was).

Friends, we who’ve been washed by the blood of the Lamb aren’t judging you for your sin! We don’t care what that sin is, we simply believe that the One who conquered death is the One who defines sin and does so in His Word…and He is the Only One that can save!

Do you know Him? Have you surrendered your life to Him?

It’s supernatural, buts it’s incredibly true, that when we die to self and follow Christ we truly live!





7 thoughts on “Why keep talking about what is so scorned by this world?

  1. Amen and amen. Dying to self is a daily thing , but it is the only way to have a real relationship with the
    Lover of my soul. Thank you for your faith to write
    His truth.

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  2. Keep speaking His truth sister!!! Thank you for sharing where true Hope is found!! What a wonderful Savior!!! That He constantly pursues us when none of us deserve the gift of life He offers us all!! Praise His Holy Name!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Right on sweet lady!!! Without God we are nothing. With CHRIST THROUGH HIM WE HAVE ALL THINGS. ETERNAL LIFE and a BLESSED LIFE HERE ON EARTH. Thank you for standing with Him.

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