If you want your kids to have REAL HOPE, do this…

Strong godly character that brings blessing to both the individual, and the community at large, comes from applying God’s Word to our lives in a way that behavior is impacted.

And here’s something to note – in a world where feelings are emphasized over truth, godly characteristics come from the discipline of applying biblical truth to our feelings.

Yes, discipline.

An undisciplined person will give into their feelings without restraint and will ultimately lead an ungodly life characterized by things like dishonesty, unfaithfulness, drunkenness, unruliness, violence , greed, quarreling, and an inability to control themselves or their children that is passed in to the next generation.

Parents, if we want to raise godly children we have to discipline them to walk in truth from the Word of God and even, and especially, when that truth contradicts their feelings (their flesh) and the culture of the moment. This is how they learn self-control that will produce godly character.

And godly character produces hope! (Paul tells us that in Rom 5:4)

If we want those we love to have REAL HOPE that will last them long after we are gone, we need to do the work of teaching them how to apply the Word of God (truth) to their feelings.

Parents, grandparents, is it easy? Nope!

Could they still choose to walk the way of the prodigal? Certainly.

But if you fail to point others to truth, what hope are you really giving them?

The One who called you to do this, He is faithful (1 Thess 5:24). He will give you what you need as you seek Him each day, AND AS you apply the Word to your own life.


(And, I hope you’ll join me beginning next week to study Colossians together -it is full of truth to hold on to!)

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