She did mention she had only ever lost two bar fights…

She was a drug dealer. So, how could we have possibly imagined what happened?

Everyone in her small town knew just how bad she had wrecked her life. She had even lost her kids. Many, probably thought her addictions too strong, and that she was a lost cause.


But as she walked about town, the old man saw her. As they passed on the sidewalk, he’d say, “Patty, you need to come to church.” Time and time again, he’d say,, “Patty, come to church.”

One day.
She did.

Did she know they all knew? About her. Had she been high the night before?

But there she stood.
In the church.

And that day, Patty found herself drawn to to the alter, to Jesus, and Patty’s chains just fell off as she surrendered her life to Jesus.

Instantly, she no longer needed drugs or alcohol. She says, she guesses the Lord knew she had some other stuff to deal with it.

But, over time, He helped heal her heart from her abortions, too.

And Patty has been telling others about the Savior, who set her free, for over 30 years now.

And for almost that long, my two friends and I have been states away, praying together.

We’ve been praying for Suzanne’s parent’s salvation. They’ve been so very heavy on our hearts for so very long.

A couple of weeks ago, when Suzanne’s dad’s health dramatically declined, we wondered if it might be too late.

But we didn’t know.

We didn’t know God had already sent Patty.

Patty became a caregiver. For years, she’s been loving on people and telling them about Jesus. (Every now and then, she does mention she has only ever lost two bar fights.)

God sent Patty, to my friend’s religious, but lost, dad.

As my friend’s father sat reading his Catholic prayer book, Patty asked him if he were going to Heaven, to which he replied, “I sure hope so.”

Patty, told him, “I can tell you how you can KNOW so.”

And that day, Suzanne’s dad gave his life to Jesus.

Last week, Suzanne’s dad entered into Heaven.

Our prayers were answered!

Answered! And certainly not how we would have thought!

And, you know, once again, I’m reminded that our God is at work, ALL THE TIME, and OFTEN in ways we’d never guess He would use!

Friend, dear friends, He loves our lost loved ones more than we do.

And it’s absolutely NOT all up to us!

Yes, let’s pray! Let’s keep praying. Let’s keep telling. But, let’s also remind each other, our God is at work!

And, just between us, will you join us in praying for Suzanne’s Mom? Patty is still there. ….And, well, you know, she’s only ever lost two bar fights. So I don’t think she’ll give up too easily!

(And if you’d like to know more about salvation, or think I’m picking on Catholics, please read about my very Baptist background before I found Jesus. Check out

2 thoughts on “She did mention she had only ever lost two bar fights…

  1. Thank you Kim! How my eyes filled with tears as I read this – with a smile on my face! Thank you, Jesus for your free gift of Salvation and for always, without fail, giving us Your very best!!!

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