Longing for some PEACE in this day?

Over and over again we are a people (I am a “people”) who fight against our circumstances–the irritations, the delays, the things that just don’t seem to be going our way.

But God.

He is in control.
He is orchestrating the very minutes of our days.

It’s all in His Hands.

And over and over again–these things we fight so hard to change, and fix, are often the very circumstances where we see glimpses of our Father.

Is He slowing you down? Changing your course? Throwing you a curve ball?

God, help us rest content in your sovereignty and trust You are working all things—even and often especially the things we don’t like or understand– for our good and Your glory.

Help us trust and obey no matter what this day holds.

Help us see You in this day.

You are our peace.

No matter what.

Psalm 34:19


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