A FRIGHTENING dream. A victorious NAME!

I know, in the Bible, God spoke to His people through dreams. I’m certainly not suggesting that this is what happened the other night; but I am certainly not saying our Father could not speak this way today, should He choose to do so, either.

I am also not sure if my dream was not, perhaps, somehow an attack from the evil one.

I’m really not trying to address any of that.

However, I will tell you, whatever I experienced the other night was quite unsettling. It took me about an hour to actually get out of the bed after this dream. I was literally shaking.

In the dream, I got up, as I normally do before sunrise, and left my husband in bed. I went into the kitchen to turn on the under counter lights and start coffee, but the lights would not come on, and the darkness felt extra dark.

I decided to walk towards the hallway leading to the garage and try to turn on those lights, when a cold hand grabbed me by the throat and lifted me in the air.

My arms flailed downward, my fingers landing on the cold, clammy, bumpy bald head of my attacker.

Instantly, I had an image of the demonic figure who plagued our Savior in the movie, “The Passion of the Christ” and I gathered this was who held me as I fought.

Then, (weirdly as dreams often do) I remember thinking I had heard, on a crime show, to ask your attacker his name and to tell him yours so as to cause the attacker to see you as a person.

I choked out the words, “My name is Kim” but the attacker did not loosen his hold on me. In fact, he squeezed my throat tighter, and continued to hold me off the ground as I kicked.

But then, I screamed the name, “Jesus!”

I felt his grip on my neck relax somewhat.

I began to yell everything I knew to be true of my Lord—“He’s my Savior! He is King of Kings! Victory is His! I will live eternally because of Jesus! No weapon formed against me will stand!”

And with that.
The dream was over.

I woke up in my bed.

It felt so real. I lay frozen. I have to confess, I felt fearful. I was certainly unsettled. I woke my husband and asked him to hold me.

And for days, I’ve thought about that dream…

And here’s the thing, the only thing I can gather, is this … I’ve got nothing in and of myself to fight off the attacks of the evil one.

Screaming my own name does absolutely nothing.

But Jesus…. Jesus in me! My Jesus! He is stronger, and it is in Him, and by Him, that the demons will flee!

Jesus has me all the days of this life and forevermore!

Yes, this body will one day die but no grave will hold me down because I’ve been buried in Christ Jesus which means I’ll always live.

And this is true for ALL who call on the Name of the Lord!

Jesus is Who we need.
He is Who our kids need.
He is Who this crazy world needs.

That’s the Name we need to have on our lips! That’s the Name that needs to be lifted high!

Because that’s the ONLY NAME that SAVES!





One thought on “A FRIGHTENING dream. A victorious NAME!

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I hate dreams. My dreams are very unsettling to me. Twice I had a dream that there was a figure standing at the foot of the bed. I didn’t feel fear, but I did feel curious. In my sleep I literally crawled to the end of the bed and reached out with my arm. That’s how I woke up, on my hands and knees with my arm trying to touch this figure. Of course, it disappeared when I woke up. I had that very same dream one other time. I try not to give it much thought because even though I didn’t feel fear, I suspect there was something evil to this dream.

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