I see them. Do you?

You only have to spend a few minutes on Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok to see how badly, how desperately so many want to be seen.

The praise of others is alluring, addicting and controlling. Experts are warning our mental health is being detrimentally affected.

But there are others, I see them, and I especially appreciate the young among them, who are using social media to courageously speak truth—even when they know it will NOT garner them praise from the masses…but just the opposite!

No, they live their lives for an audience of One. They quietly spend time seeking His will, learning His ways, and pointing to His glory.

They use social media to take the lonely stands. They say the true, but hard, things. They endure harsh criticism.

They aren’t invited to the cool parties…still, they press on. For their eye is on an eternal prize, their hope in a certain reward, and their joy does not fade with the whims of culture.

I see them. I know them. I love them, and I want to take a moment to encourage them and ask you to pray for them. I bet you know some too. Maybe, you are one.

Let’s pray God will raise up His people to continue to be lights in this darkness. May He give the next generation extra courage and a deep love for the lost. May He let them know He sees them and may they love Him more and more each day and may they long to hear Him say, “Well done my good and faithful servant”.

May we not stop encouraging each other as the days get harder, and may we remember victory, glory and honor belong to the King of Kings, Jesus, the One and Only, Coming Again, Savior!

He has us! He’s worth it! May our lips praise His Holy Name! ❤️


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