Are you getting weary of this HARD world?

Is this evil world getting to you? Some days it can really be discouraging.

Genesis 6:6, tells us, long ago, God saw the evil of man. He was sorry. He was grieved.

But when God was lamenting that He had created mankind (Gen 6:5-8), Noah “found grace in the eyes of the Lord” in the midst of an evil culture, and through this, the human race was not completely destroyed from the face of the earth.

One man.

And here is something to consider- you and I cannot control this wicked world we live in, but we can choose to control what we can control. We can choose to live our lives to please the Lord and tell others of His goodness.

Yes, we may be mocked.

Can you imagine what people said as Noah worked on the humongous Ark? It was 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high!!! (Go see the replica of the Ark at the and you’ll understand this is not something Noah could quietly complete.)

And here’s the thing, God is not asking you to build a 510 foot boat in your back yard, but He is also clear you are not to hide the great gift you have been given!

Jesus said, “No one after lighting a lamp puts it in a cellar or under a basket, but on a stand so that those who enter may see the light.” (Luke 11:33)

If the light of the Lord is in you, others should see it.

Can others tell you love Jesus? Has your faith impacted you? Is your love for the Lord spilling out to those around you? Do you feel like an alien and stranger in this world? Have you ever been mocked for your faith?

Hard stuff.

But, in fact, heartache and pain have accompanied knowing the Savior since He was born.

We know it to be true; yet,so many still seem surprised when following Jesus is turns out to be harder than we thought it would be.

It often involves surrender to His way over my way, over the easier way, or over our culture’s way— over and over.

But, for thousands of years, so many have done just that.

They’ve tasted the goodness of the Lord and been forever changed to forsake the easy for the BETTER and live, and even die, for the cause of Christ—the likes of Corrie Ten Boom, Jim Elliot and Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

With eternity in view, they trusted a God they could not see to do more they they could ask or imagine. (Eph 3:20)

They knew God’s Word to be more than wishes but fact. (John 17:17)

They didn’t deny the hard, but trusted God to bring good from it. (Rom 8:28)

They remembered this life is not all there is, so they lived for more than temporal pleasures. (Psalm 39:5, Matt 6:20)

Oh, was it easy? Far from it.

Is it easy now? Nope.

Yet those who have placed their lives in the Hands of the Savior have a supernatural peace that surpasses all human understanding. (Phil 4:7)

Are they perfect? No. But even after they fail they get back up. (Luke 22:32)

They take up their crosses again and follow Christ. They make the hard decisions to continue to daily die to self. (Luke 9:23)

And maybe, just maybe, we need to acknowledge this. We need to refute those peddling the “best life now” prosperity gospel that is tripping so many up with the first hard thing that comes their way.

Let’s don’t sugarcoat what it means to follow Christ.

It’s so much more than checking a box, walking an aisle, or going through a class. It’s a daily surrender.

But in the middle of the hard days, there is a still small voice that whispers, “the trials of this life are but temporary; the best truly is yet to come.” (2 Cor 4:17)

May the redeemed remember that and walk in that. May we teach that to the next generation.

Oh it’s hard, but nothing, absolutely nothing is BETTER!

Yes, if you’ve encountered the Savior, like His disciples Peter and John said, may it be true of us, “but we cannot but speak of what we’ve seen and heard”. (Acts 4:20)

Oh friend, as we read the Word, we have to let it read us. May we be challenged to know and serve God more. May He use it to work in and through us for His good purpose! (Phil 2:13)

May we remember our Father is in control and will do just as He said He will. Hold on to Him!

God’s Word is so incredibly good!



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