How NOT to worry in these hard days

It’s dark outside. My house is quiet.

I haven’t turned on the news yet, but I already had a “flash flood watch” pop up on my phone.

But my anxious heart, it’s been on a sort of “watch” for days. …trouble seems to be looming around every corner—earthquakes, Hurricane Ida, CoVid, Afghanistan, inflation, division… I see it.

On top of that, I come from a long line of people who have an amazing ability to see trouble and worry. I mean, really, worry.

We can take even the smallest issue and imagine it into a raging river of trouble in about five minutes. (Some of us may be related perhaps?)

Worry is my flesh default.

But God.

He clearly says, ”Do not fret”(Psalm 37:1)

And my mind wonders, “But, how do I not?”

And you know, lately, even the most positive among us can see trouble looming on the horizon.

And as much as I’ve tried to muster hope from my own wit or strength….I’ve failed.

I’m not enough for me.

But God.

He’s the Rock who does not fail.

The only way to find rest from all we could worry about, is to deliberately, daily, turn our eyes on God and what’s true about Him.

As I turn from what I don’t know and can’t control, to what’s true about Him, His mercy washes over my flesh-filled heart that is, daily, prone to wander.

His mercy is infinitely deep and His love lavishly eternal. (Jer 31:3)

His always-with-me Spirit is my counselor, and His Living Word is the guide to the better way everlasting. (John 14:26-27, Psalm 139:24)

He doesn’t tell me what this day will bring but promises He will never leave me nor forsake me. (Deut 31:8)

He doesn’t give me all I ask for but promises better than I could ask or imagine. (Eph 3:20)

He doesn’t keep me from trouble, but promises He can work even the hardest things together for good as I follow Him. (Rom 8:28)

His presence is HOPE.

His help is real. I begin to see Him making ways where I thought there could be no way.

He is the Gentle Shepherd leading me safely Home.

He is so worth seeking.


Oh God, help us faithfully SEEK You and SEE You in this day.

This one day…May THIS be our prayer.

Because that’s where the REST is…

For this changing world and it’s circumstances can never be our lasting peace, only Jesus.

Only (ever) Jesus.

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