Hey BUSY calendar keeper, here’s some help.

Schools starting.The lazy days of summer are coming to a close whether we want them to or not.

We all shift gears. Even those of us without kids going back to school, feel the need to turn things up a notch.

Time to schedule.
Time to plan.

The calendar pages are fresh and clean. My pencil sharp and ready. I’ve even flipped over a few months anticipating the excitement of fall and football, and soon after, the wonderful, busy holidays.

And, somewhere in there, I really need to find time for exercising and annual doctors exams.

Pretty soon, each week will get busier than the one before.

But in all the planning and scheduling have I left room for Jesus on the schedule?

Will He be heard over the noise of the busy days?

Is there time on my calendar for quietness, holy fellowship and oneness with the Father?

And you know, because we women are typically the “Keepers of the Calendar ” for our families, we have tremendous influence in just what our family will be about this year (you know it’s true).

Oh friend, let’s be intentional.

Let’s don’t fill every moment with things that don’t really matter.

Let’s set aside time to be still. If we don’t plan for it, we know it probably won’t happen.

Let’s actually schedule time in the day to read God’s Word.

Let’s not over plan and get so busy that we are too exhausted to talk to our kids about our faith and share the good news of Jesus with our neighbors.

Let’s go to church.

If our faith is truly as important to us as most of us say it is, let’s make sure we PLAN to invest time with Jesus.

This isn’t a religious, “guilt-you”, “give-you-more-to-do” suggestion.

It’s just a simple truth. If we don’t make room, the days will fly by and we will have missed what’s truly important and beneficial.

Honestly, like I PROMISE this is true, on the especially busy days when I’ve managed to still sit with the Savior in prayer and in the Word, I’ve seen Him multiply my time the rest of the day! He really does that! It’s not too hard for Him!

The truth is every second you spend with the Lord brings blessings…for you AND those you love.

So grab that calendar. Block off some time. Watch our Lord, who loves you completely and goes before you in every day you will ever face, watch Him meet you and encourage you there! Expect your family to be blessed as you intentionally include Him in your days. ❤️


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