When you are disappointed…hold on.

Sometimes, we try to go one way and God sends us another.

He did that to Paul and Timothy in Acts 16, and I know He does that in our lives too.

Years ago, my husband and I had walked a property dreaming of where we’d build our home. We showed it to others, we did the math, and we put an offer in, only to find someone else had just signed a contract on it.

We were disappointed.

It had seemed like such the perfect spot. We had spent so much time thinking this was the best plan.

We know now God had another, much better plan.

The truth is God always has a good plan for us.

And we wondered, “Why don’t we more quickly hope in God when disappointments come along in life?”

Why do we doubt, for one second, that our good God is working things to our good? Even hard things?

Long story, short, God led us to a beautiful piece of property that we never (and I mean, never) would have imagined we could afford.

It wasn’t even for sale when we “stumbled” upon it; and it seems almost as if the owner had been holding it for us. In fact, as we thought it over, others came to him wanting to buy it, but he told them he thought we were to have it.

It’s on the lake. It had room to build a place for my aging parents too. The sunset views are breathtaking. Truly gorgeous!

God had worked in so many ways we couldn’t see.

We remembered (again) His timing is perfect.

We have talked several times since about how God must have looked on as we struggled so hard to obtain something less than the “far better something” He had waiting.

We have talked about how if we had just known what God had planned….how we would have thought, and acted, so differently.

For those who read the Bible, we know our minds cannot begin to conceive the good things God has planned for those who love Him. (1 Cor 2:9)

You know, even in this life, if we would more quickly consider when things happen we don’t understand that God may be taking us a better way, we might not let our disappointment sink so deep.

The thing is, God is good and in control. He doesn’t always tell us what He is doing, but that doesn’t change the fact that He truly has all our days.

He is always “doing”.

We so often struggle, and worry, and act as if what we are holding on to is better than something else He might give.

We tend to only look at things that happen with human eyes and so often fail to consider that God really is at work on a much better plan.

I’m not saying all things are easy or so evidently work out to better. But as Christians, no disappointment or hurt this side of Heaven will last.

We say we trust God to work all things better for good…but do we really? Is that just the churchy answer?

We say He is sovereign; but so often, we fail to trust His control.

But does it have to be this way?

Or instead, can we deliberately remember His faithfulness to us ( can we pause and think about our salvation and situations where we’ve seen Him take care of us before) and determine to hold on to that with the next hard thing that comes our way?

Sure we can! Because of Jesus! He will help us do that!

Prayer—God, help us deliberately remember You, Your goodness, Your faithfulness, Your working all things together for good in our lives. Help us trust You and hold on knowing You number every hair on our heads (Luke 12:7) ! You call us the apple of your eye (Psalm 17:8) ! All power is Yours and You have all that concerns us! May all things-the good and the hard things we face, only serve to bring you glory Father!

…And those sunsets… are all from my house. How God reminds me of His goodness daily, in this, and so many ways!


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