NOW, more than ever, we need to understand this!

God spoke it all into being. “Then God said,”“and it was so.” Over and over.He spoke.It was. Open your Bible to Genesis chapter one. Take a few moments and read these words written by Moses. Set aside the familiarity and ask the Lord to open your eyes afresh to the power and majesty of HisContinue reading “NOW, more than ever, we need to understand this!”

I LOVE MEN. And the PLOY of the enemy.

We live off a long private road, not serviced by the county, and had a huge tree fall last night blocking our little neighborhood. In a matter of moments, the neighborhood guys all showed up. Pickup trucks, ATVs, and multiple chainsaws buzzed. We were out when the tree fell, and couldn’t get back to ourContinue reading “I LOVE MEN. And the PLOY of the enemy.”