I LOVE MEN. And the PLOY of the enemy.

We live off a long private road, not serviced by the county, and had a huge tree fall last night blocking our little neighborhood.

In a matter of moments, the neighborhood guys all showed up. Pickup trucks, ATVs, and multiple chainsaws buzzed.

We were out when the tree fell, and couldn’t get back to our house, or I would have likely stayed home and not witnessed what I witnessed.

God wasn’t kidding when “He created them male and female and blessed them.” (Gen 5:2)

I’m blessed, as a woman, that God created men. Last night, I saw it in action.

I stood there and watched as they sweated, lifted, tugged and pushed. I STOOD there as those men are bigger and stronger, and they can do things I physically can’t do, and have no desire to do.

(Likewise, my body did things theirs could never do. I am forever blessed to have birthed and nursed babies.)

There is blessing in the differences God created when He created men and He created women. YES, blessing! Why, on earth, are we fighting against it like we do?

The evil one, the father of all lies, wants us to believe there is no difference and that we, not God, determines if we are male or female based on how we FEEL rather than God-ordained biological FACT!

The truth is, it is rebellion to shake our fist at God and tell Him, we define who we are, not Him.

This has resulted in chaos in our culture and in our families.

We have blurred the lines and said there is no difference between men and women when we should be celebrating and being blessed by the differences.

But this rebellion against God goes even deeper, for if we will deny that He created us male or female, we will ultimately deny He created us at all, and therefore believe and live as if He has no authority over us. (THIS is the real goal here in all of this.)

We think we can go our own way, be our own god, and control our own destiny.

But the truth is, we can no more do that than I could have lifted those heavy limbs last night or wielded that roaring chainsaw.

The truth is, God controls our next breath. (Dan 5:23)

It is also true that the God who created us male and female, and blessed us because of that, also created us in His image to bear His likeness.

And it is there, as men and women, different but equally loved by God, finding our identity in Him, bearing the fruit of His Spirit—love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and self control, that we are truly blessed as individuals, families and cultures.

For a great resource on this topic checkout American Family Association’s InHisImage.movie where you can watch for free just by entering your email address.


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