NOW, more than ever, we need to understand this!

God spoke it all into being.

“Then God said,”
“and it was so.”

Over and over.
He spoke.
It was.

Open your Bible to Genesis chapter one. Take a few moments and read these words written by Moses. Set aside the familiarity and ask the Lord to open your eyes afresh to the power and majesty of His creation.

He spoke.
He just spoke.
And it was.

All that our eyes behold. All that has ever been or will ever be was spoken into existence by Elohim- God in three persons with one divine nature.

Oh friend, that’s the kind of God I need! He’s deserving of my worship and He can most certainly handle anything I have going on!

All of creation obeys His voice!


It’s so much to wrap our minds around, but Genesis is foundational to our faith. Too often it is ignored. Many want to discount it and all of the Old Testament for this matter.

But, now perhaps more than ever, we need to understand God created this world, He created man in His image, He created them male and female, and He designed marriage to be between a man and a woman.

It is no accident that these very truths are under such attack in our culture.

However, science is proving many of the statements in Genesis to be true. (For more on this visit and take a trip to the fabulous Creation Museum).

Certainly, our human minds struggle to comprehend that God did this just as He said, and the evil one uses this to sew seeds of doubt and disbelief.

Dave Guzik, recounts a story in the Enduring Word App , “One day, students in one of Albert Einstein’s classes were saying they had decided there was no God. Einstein asked them how much of all the knowledge in the world they had among themselves collectively, as a class. The students discussed it for a while and decided they had 5% of all human knowledge among themselves. Einstein thought their estimate was a little generous, but he replied: “Is it possible God exists in the 95% you don’t know?”

And with that, I am reminded there is so much more to God than my mind, than my words, than science, or the most profound of theologians among us could ever detail.

But this amazing, undefinable God reveals Himself to us in the pages of His Word and also in His Creation.

And of His creation, don’t miss this, we are unique, because unlike all the rest, we were created in His Image! (Gen 1:27)

We, unlike all else in creation, were created to bear the image of the Creator of the Universe.

We were created to be a reflection of His glory in a way the tallest mountain or most glorious of sunset can never do. (Go look in the mirror and tell yourself that!)

May our eyes turn to Him who formed us from dust, breathed life into our lungs and controls every moment we shall live.

And as we do, may we be drawn to worship Him and be a reflection of Who we see.

For it is there, in knowing and reflecting Him, that we find both peace and purpose.

And this is no small thing.


One thought on “NOW, more than ever, we need to understand this!

  1. Hi Kim! I have a wonderful friend who wants to start a ladies ministry at our church. I told Debbie about you and she is following you. She really loves your take on God’s Word and ministry. Would you be willing to meet us for lunch at Turkey Creek in the near future? I know you are busy but wanted to ask just in case you have some time. I don’t have your phone number but I will send mine to you. My cell is 865-235-9701. Thank you! Love, Kathy

    On Tue, Feb 1, 2022, 5:35 AM Kim Jaggers Ministry <> wrote:

    Kim Jaggers posted: ” God spoke it all into being. “Then God said,”“and it > was so.” Over and over.He spoke.It was. Open your Bible to Genesis chapter > one. Take a few moments and read these words written by Moses. Set aside > the familiarity and ask the Lord to open” >


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