Societies who forsake righteousness are doomed. But there’s an even greater problem.

Jesus hears John the Baptist has been arrested and leaves Nazareth, to live in Capernaum (fulfilling yet more prophecy, see Matt 4:12-16).

He then begins His earthly ministry with the word, “Repent.”

“”And from then on Jesus began to preach, “Repent, because the kingdom of Heaven has come near.”” (Matt 4:17)

Let’s understand this —his cousin,John the Baptist, has been thrown in prison, forces of evil seem to be gathering, religious leaders are angry, Rome has taken notice, but Jesus does not back down into flowery, easy preaching, but says, “Repent.”

Repent means to turn from one’s sin.

And for millennia, mankind have, for the most part, agreed that certain behaviors were indeed harmful.

Not too long ago, Christians could debate and reason that what the Bible calls “sinful” behavior would bring about harm to society and even secular people would often agree.

But the enemy has confused this. Today, we call so many wrong things right.

Consider the debate about abortion. At first, the argument was, “it’s not a baby”. Now, due to science, most agree it is a baby but the argument is “my body, my choice.”—my choice to choose my comfort, my convenience and my plans over the life of another.

Self is enthroned. And as we elevate ourselves and our feelings over everything else, all sorts of wicked things are called right.

There are even those who now argue that sex with children should be made legal. Just a few days ago a pedophilia flag was posted on Twitter (and removed thankfully by Elon Musk).

But the thing is, we are no longer on a slippery slope but have fallen off the cliff when it comes to righteousness (do we ever even hear that word spoken in society anymore?).

Societies who forsake righteousness and order are doomed. History has proven that.

But there’s an even greater problem. We have to understand the enemy’s ultimate plan. For if sin is not called wrong, then repentance is never needed!

And without repentance, there is not salvation.

And without salvation, there is no eternal life only death and destruction. There is no eternal hope of Heaven.

So let’s understand what is at the root of calling wrong things right—it is evil.

Let’s don’t underestimate the destructive intent of the one who has come to rob, kill and destroy.

As we see prophecy being fulfilled before our eyes and the return of our Lord approaching, let’s be sober-minded truth tellers who are determined more than ever to hold on to the Word and keep meeting together and encouraging one another!

Let’s love others but let’s speak truth and perhaps some will turn from their sin and find salvation in the only God who saves!


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