When your problems seem bigger than your faith…

There are THOSE moments when the stuff of this life simply sucks you dry.

And you are a Christian.

There are days where the problems scream, and everything in you has to fight to remember truth.

There are days the battle seems great and the blessings feel, well, small.

Real small.

And stress, and worry, and fear, whip like a wildfire at our very souls.

Peace that we hoped would flow like a river seems as dry as a desert.

Our human hearts get tired, bone-tired, and we long for, we are desperate for, the day when the pain we feel and see and hear….the pain of those we love, the pain that feels as if it is strapped against our chests and feels as if it could take our very breath


We are sick of diseases like cancer, ALS, and dementia.

We are angry about mean people, and liars, and cheats. We are sick of those who don’t keep their promises.

We know this is a broken world.


Our hearts long for Heaven, but we live in the broken “not yet”.

But what do we do in the “not yet”?

How do we find strength to keep going, to get out of bed, to keep smiling and serving and hoping in this “not yet”?

And, how on earth, do others see Jesus in us in these kind of stinking, hard days?

And I’m not only talking about people we go to church with, and those we love… but how do those other people, the “mean” people even, how do THEY see Jesus in us …and how do we keep caring for THEIR souls?

How do we love the unlovely when we would really rather (if we are honest) box them in the nose?

A Sunday-only religion is useless for dog-days like these.

A five-minute, quick glance at a devotional won’t carry you through these, real-life, trying moments.

No, these are the times to immerse yourself in the Living Word and truly pray without ceasing.

These are days to button up your armor, to get up even earlier and pour over the Word, to turn off the news, and turn on the praise music.

These are the days to stash your Bible in your purse to pull it out again and again throughout the day and to take every thought captive and compare it to truth from God’s Word.

These are the days to be honest with a few praying friends who will remind you of truth. Over and over.

And these are the days to really pray earnestly and honestly. These are the moments to tell God how you are feeling and listen for the Holy Spirit to guide you and give you the strength to walk in truth over what you see or feel.

This is the time to lay our fears before our Father. These are the moments to actually pray for our enemies and find freedom from anger and bitterness.

But none of this is a one time thing. This is a life-long thing. And why I’m sharing this post, I wrote several years ago, again today.

For as long as we are on this side of Heaven, we will face hard days.

We will struggle, and feel down, even though we are Christians.

But BECAUSE we are Christians, we don’t have to be defeated by the pain and the evil around us!

Yes, we may see it, we may be angry about it, we may feel it all around us…but when we run to the Source of our strength, again and again, light breaks through the darkness…our spirits are lifted, and sometimes, even our enemies will see Jesus in us.

And we are Christians.

Thank God, because we are Christians, we can find truth even in the hard days. ❤️


One thought on “When your problems seem bigger than your faith…

  1. And this old world is going to get harder, tougher, and meaner in the not yet.  Just got to keep clinging and let GOD stay in control of us!

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