Don’t trust yourself

What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? (Rom 8:31)

God is for us, not against us. I recently heard a pastor say, “Don’t you think if God we’re out to get you, He would have gotten you by now?!”

We laugh.

We say we trust Him.

But the truth is, we often trust ourselves too much, and God too little, when it comes to sin.

We need to realize we are being against ourselves when we are not “against” sin in our life.

We, who died with Christ, died to sin. We were raised to walk in new life.

A BETTER life.

Yes, we still walk in a fallen world where we encounter sin’s effects; but some of us invite sin home and play with it. We think we can handle it.

We watch it.
“That shows not that bad.”

We compromise with it.
“The things I do are better than other things I could be choosing.”

We ignore it.
“It’s easier not knowing what’s on my kids phone.”

We worship it.
“It’s my life. My free time. My sleep time. My me time. I deserve it.”

And that “little sin” that we know is wrong by God’s Word, if allowed to remain in our life, will eventually grow to hurt us.

Every single time.

Those dangerous sparks that we don’t quickly extinguish become raging wildfires threatening our lives and our families.

No, we can’t take sin lightly.
But we so often do.

Yes, we trust ourselves too much, and God too little, when it comes to sin.

He gets to define sin. Not us. He who is for us, and not against us, knows better and guides us away from some things and toward others for our best.

As we remember the past Holy Week, why not take a moment to ask God to show you ANYTHING in your life that is keeping you from His best?

Ask Him to show you sin, and when He does, remember it’s out of His kindness (Rom 2:4), to bring you to repentance, because He is for you and not against you.

You truly can trust a God who died for you to guide your steps.

Keep trusting Him more than you trust you when it comes to defining sin. Do what He says. That’s where the peace is, the hope is and the joy!



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