I woke up early thinking of those I love in this hard world…

I woke up early thinking about my young adults, and several others that I love like my own.

They are trying to make big decisions in a hard world.

They are fighting discouragement as many of the normal things, we who are older, took for granted, now seem so very far out of reach.

They want to dream of the future and make good decisions, but many things they counted on to give them true and accurate information to base these decisions, are no longer reliable. The government and the news are less trustworthy than ever.

And it seems everyone with a phone has a platform and they are bombarded with information all day long. Much of it false and deceptive.

Some, I know and love, have tried to follow their own hearts and have found even more confusion and pain.

A few have tried to deaden the pain with antidepressants while others try to distract themselves with partying, alcohol, and drugs.

It’s hard to watch. Many, even many who love Jesus, are struggling in this crazy world.

But, as I observe it all, those who keep going to Christ aren’t struggling as much as those who aren’t.

Oh, they have their moments of frustration. They get down and they get worried. But I’ve noticed those who pick up the Word and hang out with others who seek to follow Jesus, don’t seem to stay in pits of despair.

Yes, they may temporarily trip up on the empty things this world says are good, but once they test those things they seem to be able to hold on to what is truly good and true and right.

Those, who are doing better, have found friends who will pray with them and for them.

They go to church and small group, fully aware no one there is perfect, but they keep going because they find it legitimately encouraging to fellowship with others who believe the Bible and seek to please God.

Oh, I wish this world weren’t so hard, but as I think about it all, I know God chose the young adults we know and love to be here for such a time as this.

He didn’t make a mistake.

And those who keep seeking Him will find Him to be enough, no matter how difficult this world may become.

And those of us who live in this hard world and love others who do, are not tasked to fix this world, the Bible tells us where it is heading, but my task and yours it what it has always been—to make disciples who will make disciples who know how to hope in the Lord and find strength. ❤️🙏


One thought on “I woke up early thinking of those I love in this hard world…

  1. I LOVE this! I thought of my 21 (soon to be 22) year old daughter as I read this. When I was 22 I had been married since turning 18 and had her older sister. Young adults face so much in the world today. She is staying true to her faith, loving and living for Jesus but, I see the disappointment on her face when I notice another friend is distancing herself from Savannah. Young ladies that did share the same beliefs and desires…to live for Christ in this crazy world. I pray every day for those we know who are straying and struggling. Yes this is a hard world. 🙏

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