For Those in the Battle

But each of them will tell you their strength is not their own.  Human love would have walked away long ago. Jesus is the source of their strength and their love. 

Daily they run to and place their hope in the One True King who will right all the wrongs, heal all the wounds and make all things new. 

And as they quietly suffer and patiently serve, a lost world sees Jesus in them.  

One by one, dying people catch a glimpse of what it means to truly live. 

And disciples make disciples …and the Kingdom of God advances….One person, one decision, one day at a time. 

Oh friend, oh soldier, be encouraged! Encourage others to keep on keeping on! God is at work in you and through you! 

He sees you! 

And one day… our eyes will behold His glory! Our faith will become sight! Victory belongs to our Lord!!

What a Savior!!!

I’ll be back in my study of Colossians next week -join us!

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