So very thirsty…for hope.

There seems to be profound pain in people all around us and in our own lives too.

Rarely is anything I write shared more than those posts dealing with struggles and pain.

We are a people walking in a world full of trouble —so very thirsty for hope.

No one is immune.
Christians are not immune.

Money, nor position, nor good works will spare any of us from the sorrows of this world.

Though so many are hurting, the enemy works hard to make us feel like we are alone in our trials.

But we aren’t alone.

And I love that God’s Word is so honest in portraying the human heart as it deals with questions, trials, and pain.

God allows us to see those, whom He greatly used, both question Him and fail Him.

Fear, doubt, confusion, despair…. Scripture does not sugarcoat the conditions we all may find our human hearts.

Nor does scripture tie everything up with pretty bows and happy endings this side of Heaven.

But the Word assures us of this: though we may feel alone in our worries and hurts, we are never, in fact, alone. (Deut 31:6)

Though we may think good cannot possibly come from the trials we face, God is at work bringing good as we continue to follow Him. (Rom 8:28)

Though we may despair in what the future may bring, God tells us His grace will be sufficient for all we will ever face. (2 Cor 12:9)

Though we may think we have to know what we will do with our scary scenarios of the future, God tells us to simply take one day at a time and trust Him for all our tomorrows. (Matt 6:34)

Though we may feel like the pain in this life will never end, God will wipe away every tear. (Rev 7:17)

Though we may think this life is everything, God assures us it is but a breath (Psalm 39:5), a dot on the line of eternity with Him.

With Him.

With Him in eternity and with Him now in this life.

And, though God’s children are never alone, we all certainly feel that way at times.

I do.
Don’t you?

Our human hearts are so prone to forget He is with us now and daily lifts our heads (Ps 3:3) and provides for our every need (Matt 10:29).

God’s Word is our reminder. …and we all need reminding. Every day.

Every day.

We all need to wash our scattered, prone to wander, thoughts with God’s Word.

Every day.

It’s so much more than a checklist or a religious exercise.

It’s the daily bread of hope.

I’m so thankful for those of you who study the Word with me on this page ( I’m praying about what book of the Bible to study next..pray with me? I’ve been in Colossians, and I’m thinking this may be where I will be)

But, know this, it’s so important for YOU to study. Read God’s Word for yourself. Watch Him speak to YOU.

I’m honored to study with you. Let’s learn with each other. But let’s all read His Word for ourselves every day.

It’s the good stuff! The best stuff!


Be sure to follow this page to study with us or sign up at for a daily email. I so appreciate your prayers to only ever write as God would have me.

2 thoughts on “So very thirsty…for hope.

  1. I look forward each day to read your post. I know there will be a lesson & a blessing. Thank you kim for sharing with us what God has shared with you. God bless you in all your endeavors.

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