Yesterday was a hard day, but THIS happened…

Yesterday, I had to fight to remember truth. Did you?

But you know, it’s not a battle we fight on our own.

Yesterday, I got up and read my Bible like I normally do. But after turning on the election news, turning it off again, looking at Twitter, and talking to family members, the sad state of our country began to REALLY get to me.

But throughout the day, as worry-filled thoughts crossed my mind, the Holy Spirit would bring truth to my mind.

That’s His job, you know. (See John 14:26).

And if those subtle thoughts of truth from the Word, that just “popped into my mind”, weren’t enough, I absolutely knew God was supernaturally encouraging me when I flipped over my Scripture calendar to the verse in the picture above.

Go ahead. Look at THAT date!

And with that, that’s all I needed to confirm what I thought the Lord had been whispering to me all day long.…

Don’t worry.
Trust God.
Do the next right thing.
Love others.
Tell them about Jesus.

Hope comes from nowhere else.


And so, I’ll continue to get up each day, I’ll deliberately open the Word and read truth, so the Helper, the Holy Spirit, can remind me of hope-giving truth at just the right moment when I’m tempted to spiral down.

Oh friend, our job is to keep trusting God and do good. HIS job is everything else!




This country needs Jesus!

2 thoughts on “Yesterday was a hard day, but THIS happened…

  1. Thank you for this. I’ve had a rough few weeks with COVID, dealing with anxiety attacks and fear that I’ve never experienced before and this week dealing with grief from my husband’s death 12 years ago I never knew was there. I’ve re committed my life to Jesus and what u shared this morning was what I needed.


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