I need God, right now.

I don’t know how to say this except to say it—there are plenty of days my strength seems small.

Just yesterday, I shared some deep truths about God on this page from the book of Job.

But, I’ve been feeling a little down over the state of our country and decided to go ahead and put up some Christmas decorations in hopes of at least making my home feel joyful.🎄

But then, I almost threw myself in the floor to cry, as just after I placed the last of probably 200 ornaments on my freshly decorated Christmas tree, ALL the lights went out.


Thankfully, I did not throw myself in the floor, but stopped and I laughed at myself in the irony of it all—me knowing and writing about DEEP things of God but still, sometimes, almost throwing myself in the floor!

First, I know if there is anything I ever write, or speak, that is worth hearing, it is only because God GIVES it as I seek Him.

And the older I get, the MORE I know that this seeking, needing, running to Jesus is a day-by-day, moment-by-moment, get-back-up-after you-fall-down, because-His-grace-is-that-BIG, kind of real relationship.

Honestly, how else could a REAL relationship be between an imperfect, flesh-still-on-us people and the Most High, Merciful God who loves us with an unending love?

Now, let me be clear, I am NOT excusing sin or saying we should be content to continue to struggle in the same areas. Nope! Not at all!

But what I am saying is this —we serve an incredibly GOOD, patient, forgiving God, and you better not put any human being on a pedestal including me—and including yourself.

Let’s don’t, any of us, get too big for our spiritual britches because that’s a sure way to fall!

Regardless of the deep things we learn of God, we ALL still need Him, more than anything else, every single second of every single day!

We need Him on the mountain top victory days and the days we fall in the floor crying over nothing.

And we can run to Him, when we are weak and when we are strong, because His love for us doesn’t change based on us!

And for THAT, I’m so very thankful! Aren’t you? 💕



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