The thing is…I trust God more than me.

I’m sad. I just read a post by a woman who used to work at my children’s Christian school.

Their CHRISTIAN school.

This woman was gushingly celebrating her lesbian couple friends, saying she’s “never witnessed a love like theirs” and characterized their relationship as a “kind of holiness”.

This woman has heard truth, but she chooses to ignore it, valuing her own opinion above the Word of God.

Once again, let me say, I’m thankful God created us with feelings and opinions, but He never intended for us to be ruled by them, or to walk in the dictates of our own hearts, while forsaking His instruction (Jer 9:13-14).

But this is just what is happening all around us.

There is an epidemic of this in our culture. We are constantly bombarded by those who trust their feelings and take to social media to proclaim what seems right to them…and our kids are being bombarded a thousand times more than us.

But the thing is, I trust God more than I trust me.

I believe the God who created the Universe and raised the dead, authored the Bible, has absolutely controlled what’s in His Word.

He clearly says some things are wrong and some things are right.

I believe those things do not change based on our culture or any person’s feelings or opinion.

Yes, anyone can jump on social media and pronounce all sorts of wrong things as right, but the thing is, if you are walking in the dictates of your own heart, while forsaking God’s instruction, please, don’t call yourself a Christ follower.

As for me, when the choice is this world or God, in the words of a favorite Zach Williams song, “in this running with the devil world, I’m gonna walk with You.”

4 thoughts on “The thing is…I trust God more than me.

  1. So sad indeed! Thank you Kim for always sharing truth from God’s Word! Blessings and Love to you all!


  2. Exactly. Gods Holy Word is true from beginning to end. No exceptions ! We need to stand up and be counted for Christ. He has the final word. What kind of example are we setting if we go with the flow. We
    Must stick with His word from beginning to the end and every word is true. Oh how our walks and
    Talks must be in the footsteps of Jesus and be a light to our children and grandchildren. Thank you Kim for standing upon Gods word. I too join you in standing on the promises of God. His word is the final answer. 🙏


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