When I’m afraid, He helps me trust Him again.

I know, God, You love them more than I do….those whose names are heavy on my heart.

I often find myself trying to say or do just the right thing in hopes they would find hope, joy, and peace in You. Oh God, that some would finally just surrender to You.

In the middle of the night, I confess, I have laid awake with worry. Should I have done things differently? Did I make the right decisions? Did I say the right things?

In the dark of night, I feel myself tempted to believe it’s all up to me.

Fear begins to surround me as my mind is assaulted by all sorts of scary scenarios involving those I love.

Worry seeks to blind me from Your nearness.

But then.

I remember You are there.

Slowly, Your truths come to my mind.

I recall the promises You’ve whispered all those early mornings spent in your Word.

As my sleepy eyes opened Your Word day after day, I didn’timmediately understand all that You were teaching.

But, true to Who You are, You we’re doing so much more than I realized as I held your Living Word in my hands.

Something truly supernatural was happening.

Father, You were equipping me for the battle. You arm me with truth. You were building a shield about me.

No, Your Word has not and will not return void.

Your Holy Spirit reminds me of what You’ve said.

Once again, Your Truth calms my fears, lifts my head, and directs my steps.

Your voice pierces through the darkest of nights. I remember You see all things and know all things and absolutely nothing is too hard for You.


God, You know us better than we know ourselves, and You are continually at work in my life and the lives of those I love.

You beckon me, once again, to lay down my burdens and run to Your powerful arms.

You are a strong tower. You are rich in mercy. Your love does not fail. You are kind, and You are patient. You are perfect in all of Your ways. You know all things.

And when I find my flesh afraid again, for myself or for those I love, Your Spirit beckons me to remember Your Word.

You are a firm foundation. Your Kingdom has no end.

You created the Heavens and the Earth. You hold the future. And yet, You know every hair on my head and every hair on the head of those I love.

You carry my tears in a bottle.

You hear my prayers. And when I don’t know what to pray …You, the King of Kings, You sit enthroned in Heaven praying for me and for those I love!

I can go nowhere that You do not see. I will face nothing that doesn’t first come through Your hand.

You work even the hardest of things together for good for those who love You.

You never sleep, and You never slumber.

You will never leave me. You’ll never forsake me.

And as much as I love those You’ve given me to love…You love them more!

You care about them more! You are more concerned for them than I am!

You’ve never asked me to be their savior.

That’s your job.

You’ve only asked me to love them and trust You.

Your Word helps me do just that.

Help me to daily allow Your Word to guard my heart and my mind.

May I never stop seeking You. May my ears hear Your voice above all fears.

May every word I speak only point to You.

And may I, once again, remember Your powerful promises and trust you with all that concerns me.

What a Savior!

One more reason I celebrate Him!

The CHRIST of Christmas!


Thank you for your prayers!

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