Where HOPE is FOUND!

The Messiah sat surrounded by the Pharisees and teachers of the law.

The crowd surrounded the place and pushed in.

I wonder if the buttoned-up religious leaders had to dust off their shoulders as debris surely began to fall as the tiles in the ceiling were removed.

Did Jesus chuckle to Himself as the paralyzed man was lowered down by his bold friends, right there, in the middle of the room?

And when Jesus saw their faith, he said, “Man, your sins are forgiven you.” And He healed the paralytic as the Pharisees looked on with disdain . (Luke 5:20)

But those radicals on the roof knew where hope could be found, and they literally carried their friend to the Savior.

And what about others around us, are we “carrying” them to Jesus to show them where hope is found?

They may see us celebrating Christmas, but do they know why?

What about those we care about who are caught up in sin and far away from the Lord?

Are we intentionally pointing them to where hope can be found?

It’s hard in this world, isn’t it?

I feel it too.

I’d like to just stay in my Christmas pajamas, and bake cookies, and not think about it as well sometimes.

This world is messy.

It’s often hard to talk about Jesus -especially when we know we ourselves are far from perfect.

But isn’t that knowledge of our own ugly sin just what should empower us to speak and point others to the Savior?

We, who know the Lord, …we know where our hope is found!

We remember Who broke our chains!

We who have walked in darkness have seen a great light! (Isa 9:2)

And let me tell you, I have dwelt in some deep darkness. In my past, I’ve willingly walked right into it!!

And you better believe the evil one has reminded me often of those horrible things I’ve done.

But with each remembrance of my sin, I’m learning to praise the Savior for the HOPE I found!

And instead of allowing Satan to make me feel unworthy to tell others of the Lord, I am excited to tell of my rescue!

I know I don’t have it all together and, of myself, I don’t have what others need. But I know Who does. I know Who does!!!

He is Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace!

Those religious leaders (in Luke 5), who sat upfront in the good seats, who thought they had all the answers within themselves, they missed Jesus!!

But those who knew they had nothing without Him, those who knew they could not help themselves or anyone else in their own strength, those who ran to the Savior in their sickness, their sin, and their shame, they found Him!

A few verses down in Luke 5, Jesus tells those who thought they had it all together, (and I believe He did so, so that those of us who know we don’t have it all together, can remember), that He came for the sinners. (5:32).

Praise God! He came for the sinners!

The King of Kings, the Rescuer, The Mighty God….the Only Savior and One we need!! He came!

He left a throne in Heaven to burst into our world, to be born a baby, to die for our sins, so we might live and have hope!!!

So, let’s tell!! Let’s all tell others where we found hope and where they can too!





2 thoughts on “Where HOPE is FOUND!

  1. What a positive blog.
    I became excited reading it.
    What a Wonderful Savior, in so many ways.
    Bless Him, Praise Him.
    Hope you are doing as well as can be with all you are experiencing.


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