Are We Too Far Gone?

My neck is hurting from shaking my head so much lately. I honestly can’t believe what I’m seeing in our country. Is there still a silent majority? And why, are they so silent if they are there at all?

Are we too far gone? Should Christians still try to influence the public square? Are school boards all crazy? Is what’s wrong permanently to be called “right”? Should we all simply lock ourselves away in our homes and pretend this world is not going to hell in a hand basket?

Or, do we open our mouths in the hopes that one wayward wanderer might turn from the enticingly wide path that leads only to destruction and, instead, walk the narrow, lonely way of the Cross?

What if only one more lost sinner could be found? What if one more downtrodden might learn to lift their voice in hope and praise?

Are our lips too tired to tell the story of hope just one more time?

Or is it that we fear the scorn of this temporary world? Have we traded eternal reward for fleeting acceptance?

Or, is it the loud applause of fickle men we desire more than the words of our Savior whispering, “well done my faithful servant”?

Oh friends, I ask myself these questions. I hold the mirror of truth up to my own face.

And I shake my head.

For has it been my silence that has helped the lost stay lost? How many opportunities have I been too busy with the cares of this life to notice? How many chances have I willingly passed up afraid that others would think me a “narrow-minded, Jesus freak”.

Too many.


And while nothing can separate me from the love of Christ and my eternity is secured, I have to ask myself, have I done all I could do to point others to the One who has done everything for me?

What if just one more voice could join that heavenly anthem of praise to the One who deserves all praise?

What if one more knee could bow and give Him glory?

God, may I stop shaking my head and start opening my mouth!

The time is short.
The consequences are huge!

God anoint our tongues to tell of your goodness until we draw our last breath in this fleeting life.

For you are the promise keeper, the hope-giver, the way-maker! Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere! May we tell the story of our rescue! May we love others with the love of Christ! May we sing the songs of the redeemed! And may we know nothing is impossible for our God! He is the God of a thousand revivals! Who knows what He still wants to do, through you and through me?

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