The Thing Is People Don’t Die for a Lie

If we only study the Bible for intellectual knowledge, or to check off some box, we are missing the point.

If we think doing what God says will lead to an easy life, we will be disappointed.

Those who have followed Jesus the closest have died martyr’s deaths.

They could have recanted their testimonies, they could’ve cursed God and walked away free, yet they did not.

The thing is, people don’t die for a lie.
Paul did not. He knew whom he believed and he was persuaded that God was able.(2 Tim 1:12)

And as Paul sat in that horrible prison, he told Timothy, in his letter to “hold fast” to truth and to do this in faith in love. (2Tim 1:13)

And here’s the deal, a religion full of rules, a head knowledge alone, will never be enough to cause us to hold fast to truth in the midst of persecution.

It’s the truth of the GOSPEL held in faith and love that does that.

And the truth is, it took the greatest of LOVE for the Savior to willingly give His life to pay for our sins.

The truth is, it cost Him everything. He paid it all. He made the way.

And in faith, I believe this to be true. And I love Him for it!

And a God who would do this for us, who defeated death, is not going to leave us high and dry!

He will do what He says He is going to do for us now and in the future.

He will not leave or forsake us! (Deut 31:6)

This life really is a breath, a vapor. He tells us that in Psalm 39:5

We truly are aliens and strangers here because we, who call Him Lord, are citizens of another Kingdom. An eternal kingdom! (1 Pet 2-11)

To be absent of the body is to be present with Christ forever.(2 Cor 5:8)

Death has no power over God’s children!

And when we are with Him, there will be no more tears. (Rev 21:4)

One day, everything will be made new! (Rev 21:1)

Oh friend, let’s walk forward holding fast to truth in faith and love. Let’s remember this life is not all there is.

Sure, there are blessings here—enjoy them. But there are also hard days, know they are temporary for those who call Jesus, Lord.

While it’s true we don’t study the Word simply for intellectual knowledge, the truth we learn there will settle our emotions when life gets hard and give us peace everyday that makes no earthly sense!




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