55 Years. One Man. One Woman.

Jesus said, “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down ones’ life for his friends.” John 15:13 Oswald Chamber explains, “Sacrifice is the Holy Spirits’ ultimate expression of love.” Marriage tends to have a way of teaching us this kind of sacrificial love. God sure knew what He was doing when HeContinue reading “55 Years. One Man. One Woman.”

We got in a fight right after this pic was snapped….

About five minutes after I snapped this snuggly pic, we got into a fight. A fight. Yep. Us. You know the ones who just this week started premarriage counseling for a couple who have asked my husband to perform their wedding ceremony. Yes. Us. And, this fight will likely not be the last. Oh, ourContinue reading “We got in a fight right after this pic was snapped….”

Better than Hallmark. And more KISSING!

I’d love to go to Biltmore to see the Christmas decorations next weekend, but my husband is planning on duck hunting. I’m kind of upset about that. He’s downstairs watching a football game in the room full of deer heads that don’t go with the rest of the house decor, at all. I’m upstairs lookingContinue reading “Better than Hallmark. And more KISSING!”