Just do the next right thing…

Something I notice as I read Matthew 1 and 2 is that God didn’t give Joseph all the steps at once—just the next one.

But all the while, God was accomplishing His perfect will and working in ways Joseph couldn’t see.

Joseph didn’t know the wise men were on their way with gifts.

But they were.

Joseph didn’t know the danger Herod was plotting and that God would make a way of escape.

But He did.

And we don’t know much more about Joseph except he faithfully listened to God, one instruction at a time.

And God changed the world through that.

Oh friend, I don’t know what you are facing or wringing your hands over.

But I know what you and I should do today…

Listen for God’s voice.
Obey the Lord.
Trust Him.
Do the next right thing.

There’s peace there….and God changes the world through the daily faithfulness of His people.

trustandobey #peace #Godisatwork


PS -I’m sharing what I had posted previously from Matthew and plan to continue on through this wonderful gospel. (This is day 3).

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