The Question No One Can Answer For You

As the religious leaders and the crowd cheered for His crucifixion, Jesus was brought before Pilate, who finding no fault in Him, asked the question we all ultimately must ask ourselves—

“What then shall I do with this Jesus who is called Christ?” Matt 27:22

The question is meant to be personal.

No one could answer it for Pilate, and thousands of years later,
no one can answer it
for you.

Who is Jesus …to you?

Is He a liar? A lunatic? Or Lord?

History certainly records Him.
His birth reset our calendars.

The bestselling book of all time, the Bible, tells us Jesus left a throne in Heaven, lived a sinless life, and willingly died a horrific death, being separated from the Father, so that His blood might forever cover our sins and make a way for us.

The Way.
The Only Way.

The words, recorded to be from God Himself, in the most carefully preserved book of all time, say, there is NO OTHER WAY to be saved but the blood of the One who said, “I am the way, and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” John 14:6.

Are those just words?
Is there a Heaven and a Hell?

Is the Bible true?

Is Jesus the only way?

The disciples evidently believed this to be true true because all of them, but one, died a martyr’s death unwilling to deny what they had seen and heard.

Still others, who never saw Him with their human eyes, believed and for thousands of years have traveled the world risking their lives to spread the good news of what Jesus did on that Cross.

And that good news has healed broken-hearts, set captives free, and comforted those who mourn.

Let your mind think about that BLOODY CROSS on that Good Friday.

Jesus did that for YOU and for ME.

Could you possibly do anything to earn that?


Could you get your life together enough, be good enough, to justify this magnificent sacrifice–this amazing trade?

No, this is AMAZING GRACE!

While we were yet sinners,
God sent His Son
to die
for us!

Jesus willingly took the penalty for our sin.

The Last Lamb.
The Perfect Lamb.

But knowing the story isn’t enough.

You can know all about Jesus (the Bible says the demons believe and shudder. -James 2:19).

You can believe He existed, believe He died on the Cross, and still refuse to receive Him as Lord of your life.

And so, the question….

There is THAT question that no one can answer for you, the question Pilate asked,

“What will you do with this Jesus?”

Is Jesus YOUR Savior?
Is He LORD of your life?

Have you come to the end of yourself? Have you stopped trying to earn what could never be earned? Have you given up control to trust the One who died so you might live?

If not… oh friend, run to Him.
Run to Him helpless.
Fall down at His feet.

Ask that His blood cover your sin.

Because amazing grace, mountains of mercy, floods of forgiveness, and unconditional love is poured out for all who call on His Name.

The Bible says, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13

What better day… than this day… this moment… THIS GOOD Friday to run to the One who died for you?

He conquered death and He is alive!

In Him is power to cast out demons, break addictions, heal marriages, and face uncertain days. In Him is peace, hope and joy that cannot be contained!

What a Savior! We, who were dead and made alive, we, who were enemies, now called children of God, may our lips tell of His goodness! What a Savior we celebrate this GOOD FRIDAY!





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