Refute the lies. Walk in TRUTH!

A man puts on a dress and is called a woman.

Another man stuffs himself in a swimsuit and wins a woman’s swimming championship.

Thousands walk across our border and government officials call it “secure”.

I could go on and on with lie after lie we’ve been fed this past year —origins of CoVid, effectiveness of the shot…

Except, maybe it’s been more than a year of lies. Maybe it’s been a lifetime.

Actually, the truth is, lies have been hurled at us almost since God created our world.

….Oh wait, that was actually a “Big Bang” and all the magnificent detail of the Universe just happened by random chance, right? Got it? Good.

Except it’s far from good.


And the lies seem to get more ridiculous each and every day.

Almost as if there are spiritual forces in heavenly realms waging war against the hearts and souls of men. 😳

If we are honest, we see it played out all around us. Every day. If we will just look!

How many times have we all watched as someone falls to the lie that they’d be happier if they’d just cheat on their spouse? Then, nines times out of ten, the one they leave for is far less attractive (inside and out) than the one they had!

I can only imagine how the father of all lies sits laughing at the destruction he just accomplished in the life of a family.

How long will we walk as sheep to the slaughter?

How long will we fail to test everything we are hearing against the truth of God which is so clearly laid out in His Word?

His Word has stood the test of time. His ways are better than our ways and He is trustworthy and true—His righteous laws eternal (Psalm 119:160).

Do we not see, there are ways that seem right to us, but in the end they are death when those ways are counter to God’s ways? (Prov 14:12).

But when we seek to acknowledge God and live by truth, He makes our paths straight. (Prov 3:6)

When we do this, we find peace, hope and and joy that is not destroyed by the enemy of our souls and spiritual forces who really are at work in the heavenly realms (Eph 6:12) .

It’s true! When we obey the Lord, we really can find life and life abundantly. (John 10:10).

Oh friend, may God open our eyes to the lies. Just look at the ridiculousness among us!!

May we test everything and hold onto the good. (1 Thess 5:21).

And if we want to walk in victory, may we not be ignore that next verse either…but may we “abstain from every form of evil” (1 Thess 5:22).

EVERY form of evil! That means to abstain from what The Most High God calls evil— our culture does not get to define that!

And as the half- brother of our Lord reminds us, if we want to walk in victory in this world, where war is waged against us by the Father of all lies, we cannot simply be hearers of the Word, we must be doers of what the Bible says, or we deceive ourselves! (James 1:22).

So friend, may the Living Word of God be our guide and our sword to fight off the lies of this world.

Get yourself to a good Bible-teaching church this morning and gather some in!

Guard your heart and mind in Christ Jesus!

May we seek to follow the Savior whose name is Faithful and True. (Rev 19:11)

How? By opening the Word and doing what it says.




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