Did you notice this about Colossians?

I’ve had a tough time being ready to be at the end of this study in Colossians. It is such a joy to study the Word with you, friends.

And speaking of friends, have you noticed that Paul devoted so much of this short letter (most of the last of only four chapters) talking about his dear friends?

Paul calls his friends by name—his beloved brothers, his fellow servants, prisoners, and workers in the Lord.

They were dear to him and vital to his ministry. They were in it together.

He loved their zeal. He loved their love. He loved them.

These were REAL people who talked, and cried, and prayed together. Their hearts were knit together.

And this kind of heart-knitting is a blessing we all need.

Friends, we all need friends. We need safe places to share our struggles. We need prayer warriors. We need those with whom we can belly laugh with one moment, and share a tear the next.

We need friends who know the tone of our voices well enough to recognize when we are okay, and when we just aren’t.

I know you are busy! So was Paul! But don’t be too busy for friends!

Paul wrote this Holy Spirit-inspired letter and has covered some of the most vital instruction about Christian living ever given, but he takes the time to talk about his friends.

Let’s don’t miss this. This was no accident! These names are there for a reason.

The reason is…godly friends are vital to us. They help us love the Lord. They help us keep going. They help us help others.

In this social media world, it’s easy to have lots of “friends” and still feel very much alone if those relationships stay surface level.

Let’s reach out. Let’s meet for lunch. Let’s look each other in the eye. Let’s serve together. Let’s talk about real things. Let’s be vulnerable.

Let’s certainly keep meeting together and encouraging one another as we see the Day approaching! (Heb 10:25) (Have you seen the news? Don’t you wonder if the Day is approaching?)

Let’s encourage one another to hold tight to the God we know holds our tomorrows. Let’s help each other remember this crazy world is not all there is (hallelujah!)

And as we do, like Paul, we will find ourselves strengthened to take heed to the ministry which we have received in the Lord so we may fulfill it. (Col 4:17)

Oh friends!! What a Savior! Thank you for studying Colossians with me! ❤️


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