Will you notice the eternal in this day?

Though he was in chains, Paul asked that others would pray for open doors to preach the gospel clearly.

“Praying also for us, that God would open to us a door for the word, to speak the mystery of Christ, for which I am also in chains, that I may make it manifest as I ought to speak.” (Col 4:3-4)

And I’m tempted to think, well, that was Paul—hero of the faith. But the truth is, Paul was saved by the same gospel as you and I!

The same Holy Spirit resides in us!

Should we not be equally excited to tell others of the Savior who makes dead men live, who sets the captive free, who heals the broken-hearted, and puts the lonely in families?!!

But, like me, do you sometimes just rush through the day without a thought to the eternal?

My heart is so very prone to distraction. My thoughts are often consumed with my stuff and my family, and my work, and my groceries, and my laundry …..especially on Monday mornings.

But, one thing that has truly helped is something my husband and I have started including in most of our morning prayer times together. Usually, one of us will ask the Lord to “help us see the eternal in the day”.

Because we are both “type A” and run a very busy custom home business together, we will also ask the Lord to help us pause and help us set aside the temporal for the eternal.

We have truly seen the Lord answer this prayer since we’ve started doing this.

My husband has had opportunities recently to pray with guys on the job site and at the lumber yard. It’s been cool to hear my son, who works with us, and has a heart for ministry, talk about how he sees his dad ministering so often through his work.

Oh friend, the truth is, all of us have been given the great commission. We are ministers of the gospel and our mission field is right in front of us.

God has opened a door at our work, schools, and play groups. Let’s ask Him to help us walk in these assignments He has given us and speak the mystery of Christ.

May others be drawn to the Lord because of the light they see in us!

Let’s ask Him to help us notice the eternal in this day. Then, let’s ask Him again tomorrow.




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