Pop Tarts and the Bible

I have been getting up early and getting in the Word for years. I do it because it helps me. I started sharing what I found as I read because I thought it might help others too. I so appreciate those of you who study with me.

And I certainly don’t read to check off some religious box. I seek the Lord through His Word because I find hope and comfort and direction when I do. I also finds it settles me. It gives me peace and perspective.

I used to joke that my kids grew up on Pop Tarts because their momma would be mean if she spent time cooking a big breakfast instead of reading her Bible every day!

And that’s actually pretty true.

And years later, I’m so keenly aware of how much flesh-fighting I’ve still got to do. Perhaps, I’m even more aware.

This past weekend, God reminded me how true His Word is, but also, once again, just how much I DAILY need to be reminded of those truths.

For weeks, I’ve been in Colossians studying about things like marriage roles and gratitude.

That’s all great until your husband gets sick and VERY NEEDY right when you are trying to get ready for a couple’s bridal shower at your house.

I was feeling irritated for having to take care of my husband and found myself on the phone justifying my grumpiness to my mom.

Get this – I was complaining to my mom who DAY IN AND DAY OUT FOR THE PAST DECADE has cared for my dad with dementia.

She gently interrupted my rant to mention she just tries daily to help my dad have a “happy day”.


And as the Holy Spirit was convicting me of my lack of patience and my poor attitude with my sick husband, a friend texted me to ask for prayer because she is so very sad and missing her husband who died tragically last year.

My thick head got it and my heart repented of my sin.

As I have thought about Paul’s words in Colossians about marriage and gratitude this week, God reminded me that this, along with all the truth in the Word is something I need every day.

I always will.

The truth is, this side of Heaven, all hearts are prone to selfishness . Our feet will run our own way. We will look to our own needs and forget “he who refreshes others refreshes himself” (Prov 11:25). We will neglect to count the blessings.

But I also know this, and remind myself and others—as we daily seek to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, and follow the Lord and His ways, we will find peace and hope and joy —even when our list is long, and our husbands sick and needy, and our bodies weary and our world crazy!

Oh the Lord and His Word…it’s just that good! Day in and Day out.

What a ROCK is our God!

Happy Friday y’all!


4 thoughts on “Pop Tarts and the Bible

  1. I love your daily devotions! How quickly I get caught up in the day-to-day grind and forget to thank God for his many, many blessings he supplies me with…daily! Thank you for sharing these with us!

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